Faux Snob.

Haha, the title is actually quite funny.. 'Fake Snob'. I don't know why this amused me, but it has.. More than it should! You know when the time comes when you're completely broke, and you're just this far from hitting the negatives in your account.. Well I was in that position too, but what did I do? Yes, I went and bought lipstick.. From MAC. So I wasn't 'this' far to hitting the negatives. I WAS in the negatives. But hey, better be poor and fabulous! 

Winter Bits ♡

Ahh, so here we are well into December and the winter is here! I went and bought a few things to celebrate the season. As much as I love Autumn, winter is when you can properly cuddle in, christmas movies become appropriate and christmas songs are blasting in every shop. I can honestly

From Head to Toe: Solutions for ALL the dry bits.

Hey you, so today I decided to come to your saviour (yeah me, I know) and let you guys know about bits I have been using to keep my body as a whole hydrated and nourished though out this horrid rainy weather! In fact, the title is quite deceiving because I don't have a hair mask or anything like that, so technically it's face to toe, but we will just ignore that part.

My Everyday Make-up Routine

Hey guys, so I've been away in Lithuania, visiting my dear nany. I love my nany. I'm using thi ancient computer as I thought nana might have decent one, I didn't end up bringing my own, but hey it's like having a big wardrobe malfunction in a middle of an event; you have to make it work. So although there is no way in hell this 'thing' would be able to handle the editing of a video, but it's okay because I have a lot of time to gather enegry, get myself together and organise! But here I come to you with the minimal make-up I bought here. I just bought what I usually wear really. 

Zips and Leather.

Heyaa, I hope you're having a fantabulous day, morning or evening! I'm back here with a little outfit that I've put together and that I've really been loving. Like i have to tell myself not to wear it again, because i worn it twice this week already! At least that's one uni outfit less to plan! 

What to take to University?! ♡

Oh the times of sheer panic. When moving out is soon to happen you'll be living the 'grown up' life. Well, that's all well and good, but if you've been well looked after by your parents you may need a little help of what to take to the new chapter of your life. I've done SOO much research and looked up lists and watched tonnes of videos and picked out the things that I will really need to save you guys the time, that let's be honest none of us have! Get a pen and paper ready for the list because there is A LOT of things! If you want to see the first part, mainly containing kitchen stuff in a video form then click here! EEEK I CAN'T believe I'm actually writing all of this stuff and university is actually happening for me! LET'S JUMP IN!

The new kid on the block: Vitamin E Sorbet Moisturiser ♡

Hello hello hello. I'm here with a super super super duper exciting product (for me anyway). I just fell in love with this light weight, hydrating moisturiser. (And no I'm not being sponsored or anything).  If you're after plump, matte and hydrating moisturiser then keep on reading!

From my mothers closet |PrettyinGlamm ♡

Ello Ello Ello you beautiful people of the earth!!! I never expected summer to be so busy, but not hanging out with friends, going to the beach, pick nicks, walks or shopping kind of busy, but work kind of busy. I sometimes have 2 days off a week, sometimes I have no days off, but for some reason I get so tired when working, all I want to do is go back home eat, watch and sleep! Any tips? Although through this I grew more appreciation for upcoming events that I will be attending so YAY! Honestly, it hasn't been THAT hot, so I don't feel like I missed out on a great deal! ANYHOOOOOOOOW!!!!

South West Live Festival experience and a mini haul! ♡

Aloha my fiends! Why does that sound so funny in my head?! I got a few things to share with you including my speed shopping experience. Shall I start with hauling or SWL?! (that stands for south west live by the way). Haul it is. When I fished shopping I felt so good, you guys don't even know, it's like my shopping thirst has been clenched! 
So after the festival we stopped at Cribbs Causeway as we had 1 hours limit. To our surprise we sprinted off and were done in 30 minutes, of course the shopping wasn't thorough and we had to go back! I bagged some awesome bargains, and it happened recently so you may still be able to get hold of these babies! 


Yummy, Hearty Summer Breakfast ♡

Hey guys! For those who follow me on twitter, you know I was absent due to my exams. I was going to continue blogging through them, but I just felt extremely bad and that every second of my life should be spent revising..... Apart from the very frequent game of candy crush! *SHHH*.
So much is going on right now, I don't want to bore you but to be quick, we have loads of festivals going on right now in my own little town, as well as I'm off to South West Live T4 on the Beach one day festival AND I have started a youtube! CRAZY stuff to juggle, but ey, summer now commitments as such! So i shall jump in at what this post is really about! 

Bronze Me Summer Make-Up Look ft. NEW Tea Tree bb CREAM!

Hello hello my fellow friends! 

I HAVE A VERYYYYY EXCITING PRODUCT to feature here from the title you might have guessed, but YES The Body Shop has released the very Tea Tree BB cream! YAY. 
But first let me show you just how amazeblass this little guy is with a little summer makeup tutorial!
When you are breaking out with spots or having bad skin days, you cake on the makeup, though that isn't bringing any benefits to your skin, the better thing to do is to avoid make-up at all. BUT what if I told you that there is a product that would give you coverage and fights blemishes? 

Yummy Chicken Salad Recipe: Live healthy with me. ♡

' I will Go on a diet tomorrow, but first let me eat this choccy' Hahaha, do you ever have moments when you're like hahahaha, oh jee I just made my self laugh.. A lot?! Well I just had one of those. Anywayyyyyy, I put together this salad sometime i can't remember when now and thought I'll photograph it. Everyone seems to be going on diets now, but i like to see it more of a healthier lifestyle. Diet sounds way too strict and if I went on a diet I would never stick to it. Seriously, we are all human here and have a chocolate here and there, no judgment. Urgh why am I ranting -.- basically, I will be posting things like that, perhaps a smoothie or a recipe for the 'Live Healthy With Me' thing. 'thing' because I don't know what it is haha, it's not a series as I won't be posting on a certain day every week about it, it's just the name of this thing. As you can see, I'm really literate...... 

New in! ♡

If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I was on a spending ban for the month of April. It went amazing, I din't buy ANYTHING beauty/ fashion related. Being on the spending ban has actually taught me to discipline myself. But hey, discipline wears off, Summer is around the corner and when it comes to summer, many say there are no boundaries. You can put the 'no boundaries' in the sense of buying or the sense of experience.. Ether way, I'm blabbing on and not making much sense, just a load of random thoughts splurged out whilst typing. ANYWAY, point is that at the moment I am indeed disciplined and didn't actually buy a tonne of things the first day I got off the ban! That might be due to the current lack of money in my pocket or the actual discipline. Though I guess we will find out when I start earning more dolla! 
♡ ♡ ♡ 

Kisses and Polka Dots ♡

I'm not going to blab on how sorry I am for not blogging. In reality, I'm currently in the process of revising for the most important exams I'm faced with so far and so I had to sacrifice blogging. I may not post as frequently as my first exam is in 15 days ALREADY, that's on top of the huge 2 art projects I have to finish! But do keep up and chat to me via Twitter! I will be posting a couple of guest posts within this month, but I thought I'll save them till after I explain what's going on. Truth is I missed blogging like cray cray! Hahaha! Also.. I have e-mailed some people ether back and promised to reply to their r-mail, well I'm still onto that, I just haven't yet dedicated time to e-mails as of yet!! 

The beautiful things I lust for ♡

Heyyy! Guys, literal, can you come and find my charger for me?! I lost my SD card on Sunday and found it and posted, now I lost my charger -.- which is ok, but not very ideal. HOWEVER, I wanted to do this post after the one I was originally going to do today (see how i'm not telling you what it was supposed to be because I'm mysterious like that.) No but seriously, so I'll just swap them round and do this one today and the other one Sunday! Ideal?! I think so.  ANYWAY... Since i've been on a makeup ban for 10 days exactly, I accumulated a few things that I not only want.. BUT LUST FOR NOW! So, thought I will share it with you! 
 ♡ ♡ ♡

If I could only have 3 make-up items... ♡

Okay, so this may come as surprise to some of you, but it will most definitely not to my friends. You may be like 'Hey Angelika, you missed a post yesterday!' Well, to my defence I forgot it was Monday today and I've been living a day behind. Blame it on the humongous headache from the dreaded hangover. Hahaa! Anyway. I though this was a fun post to do, and I chose 3 items because more than that would be easy decision! 

Pretty things in March! ♡

Hey guys! I hope you've been having a fabulous SPRING so far. Though I'm still stuck in this Autumy Limbo here in UK. It breaks my heart listening to Capital FM and hearing how the weather in London is going to hit 18 degrees C. Yeah, I know, here in UK we get really excited if the weather hits high teens you see. But looking out the window isn't fun as i can't see anything due to the rain.. THAT being said I got my radio blasting to make sure I stay in a good mood and positive! 


Neutral but cosy ♡

Heyy guys! Guess what, I'm here determined to keep up with my blogging routine! Please tell me I'm doing well?! Haha! Anyway, one morning before college me and my friend decided to grab some tea (why is saying that sounds so strange??) WELL, we got some tea ether way and had a quick run around the shops as we do usually! We had around an hour and it flew by so quickly! I've captured an outfit here, hopefully the quality will not be extremely bad, but thank you Sandra for taking them for me! 

How to: Clearer Skin in 3 steps ♡

Hey guys! I think whether it's winter or summer, sometimes we just break out. So I'm not an expert and I'm not saying that this post means you will never breakout if you do these steps! BUT I do know quite a fair bit about the skin itself, working in The Body Shop, therefore I wanted to share my knowledge! 

Disco Loving ♡

Hellooo ladies! If you follow me on twitter, you probably know, that I was going to blog yesterday, but passed out on my pillow instead! BUT don't threat as I had a very exciting evening for once! I went to a roller Disco, and omg it was so much fun! You can see what I wore down bellow! 
♡ ♡ ♡ 

With those funny little things ♡

Hey guys, here as promised on a wednesday! Okay, before I start...  Have you seen PLL?! If you have, I've just finished and it has left me mentally unstable and I AM having an emotional breakdown. WHAT IS GOING ON?!! I can't comprehend what happened in that episode. I've already ranted about 6 times in the space of 10 minutes about this whole thing. But I literally cannot cope! 
Anyway. I wanted to share with you the things I've been loving. Like the Wednesday Wows Glow of Grace does on youtube. I don't have THAT many, but what I have I really have been loving, and didn't want to just pick out for the sake of it!! So let's jump in... (But seriously... wHaT JuSt HaPpEnEd in that EPISODE, can you tell I'm shocked?) 

Springspiration: Ringa ringa roses ♡

Hello guys, long time no see?! A week exactly! I need to let you guys know a couple of things before we jump in. First being the fact that you know, onc eyou miss the blog due post you keep putting it off and off and off until you get yourself together and do it. However once I was 2 days behind I was like I can't come back with a review post (although I do love them) but I wanted something a little more fun and exciting to do, especially when I had nothing in particular I wanted to review Whatever. Point is I came up with like a series I suppose called 'Springspiration' had had, spring inspiration... I know I'm quite the hilarious type. Linked into that, second thing I wanted to say is that I've decided to aim and post every Wednesday and Sunday, as I believe I can commit to those day most! Other than those days, I may have more posts up on a 'Try something Thursday or Tuesday' or anything if I feel like blogging about anything else, I may post on a Friday, which is unlikely as I'm usually working. ANYWAY. 

If you click HERE you will find my nail care and nail routine. Other than that, let's jump in! 

Oh the city Love..♡

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence but you may have guessed there would be from my previous post. Anyway, please don't think that I'm posting these life style kinda posts because I have nothing else to blog about cause it's not at all the case. I love sharing the crappy photos I took of the city. We didn't have a lot of time so there aren't many photos to share. However, we did go to a lovely cafe in Knightsbridge to visit a Russian Orthodox church and I took the opportunity to find BRANDY MELVILLE! Slightly disappointed though as the stuff seems perfect there for the kind cold spring, and the colours were wintery too, so I only managed to grab one thing :(. Hope you all enjoy my little experience! 

Of course starting off with a coffee, always seems like a good idea! 

Got my eyes wide open ♡

Hello Lovies! Here I come to you with my travelling outfit. I live so far away from the whole world, deprived to the max, not to mention any university I want to go to. If I decide to go to an open day, it has to be a 3 day thing otherwise the money spent on traveling isn’t worth actually travelling. Unless of course you visit shops on the way. After all, a woman needs to feed her cravings no matter how much they’re worth… Right? Well, at least that’s my excuse for skipping two days of college. Good enough? Anyway, the purpose of this post is to give an idea to all my lovely ladies who are also in my situation and going on uni visit days or perhaps simply travelling to wherever you need to be.

The Liebster Award! ♡

I was so excited to see a comment from Blush and Fairy Dust to tell me she tagged me for this, thank you so much!!! I've never been tagged before it feels so exciting! Basically, once you're tagged, you give 11 facts about yourself and answer 11 questions given to you. Then you tag another 11 people! However you're not allowed to nominate the person who's already been nominated! SOO without further ado, with my culppaa, here it goes!

Oh so pink.. ♡

Hey guys! So today was little bit of a miss mash. Basically I was filming a get ready with me video, when I realised that you just can't see any products and by the time I filmed it I couldn't do it again as it was college time. So I decided to do a face of the day and a little outfit post! Enjoy! 

Tell them that it's my birthday, when I party like that ♡

Hellooo, so lately I've been posting a lot of lifestyle posts. As it was my birthday I obviously had a lot going on and I'm excited to share this exciting, stepping into adulthood 'journey' as some may call it. Like I said, I've been distracted with my birthday and going out using up my vouchers etc and being pampered and utterly spoilt by everyone! So distracted I haven't done any work for college!! Last night I got in at 5am.... OOOPSS. Having to work a double shift today, that may not have been such a brilliant idea after all. However I'm feeling fine today. I had a 3 hour break before that I was going to use to write some essays.. But of course the internet in costa HAD to not work, and start working half an hour before I have to go! This post is coming from me sitting in costa and editing my birthday pictures! Kind of productive isn't it?

Oh please don't love me any less ♡

Hey guys, so this is a quick post to let you guys know that I'm waiting upon my mac!! YES EEK exciting times! It was my birthday yesterday and I had a lovely day (eventually) and now from the extra birthday money I've got I was able to order my mac! I bought the 13" Retina Display with 8 GB memory! I'm super excited to blog with the new things I've received especially with the lights (small attaching to your camera). They have filters and options and are perfect for my

Try Something Tuesday: New Super Stay Better Skin Foundation by Maybeline ♡

Heawwwdy Everyone! Hope you've been having a fabulous February, as of for me it's bee stressful! I've lost my diary and I lost myself along with it too! I tried surviving without it, but I couldn't! So I purchased a new one and it's so cute and I can have my life back on track once again! YAY. Anyway, I'm here today with this new foundation and if you'd like to hear more about it, then come on in! I'm here crazy full with work to do, but don't mind me putting blogging before of a couple of due in essays, questions and an art coursework.. 

Love Love Love ♡

Since love is all over the world right now, I thought it might be appropriate to share what I've been loving recently. Also, do you guys like Valentines Day? For me it's not a big deal. I actually like it more when I'm single, that way you can eat loads of chocolate and be all funny about how single for life you're gonna be. I prefer it that way because me and my boyf always try and show 'love' and have dinners in and out, so V Day isn't THAT special.. However we have opted for a take away and a cute film! I may even bake some loves day stuff! (yeeeeeeeeeah as if that is happening) Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Oh those pretty little things on a hush ♡

Hello my lovies and a fellow newbie I hope? (All the things down bellow, come on it)

Vintage Valentine ♡

Hello everyone!
Don't you just love those pamper nights once in a while? I do! With Valentine's day approaching, here is the first post in the V DAY series. It's an idea for anyone who will be spending valentines with your fave girls or just by yourselves! Even if you're in uni and your boyf is somewhere at the other end of the country... Whatever the situation you can use this to pamper yourself!

It was a Zara kind of day ♡

Hey guys, excuse le absence! Busy this, busy that. You've heard it all before. College units coming to the end, work, homework etc etc. But really, this post was half done a lawwwwng time ago, I just needed a little bit more time to do... the other half, ya get me? Well if ya get me, get ready with me? Oh lord what am I talking about.. All of these rhymes. ON THE BALL! Anyway. I've got everyday makeup look I pretty much always wear, minus the babyskin and the foundation, and the L'oreal eye line that I hate and I'm trying to use up! A few of these products are new that I'm trying out, aka baby skin and the new foundation. I quite like the foundation, though I think the description is misleading, so let me know if you want a review!!

But of course, no morning can be started without a cup of black coffee..And can we just stop for a second and observe my cute mug? 1. Yeah you can stop now. 

Rendevous ♡

So, I went to Birmingham for a Uni open day. We had some time to squeeze in shopping.However, as it's not the end of the month yet, although very close to it, my bank account was suffering. Even so, I couldn't pass the opportunity to hit some shops and declare complete bankruptcy with about 3 pounds left to my name  afterward until the last Friday of the month. For what it's worth, my little affair with the 'Bullring' shopping centre. ♡♡♡

Morning skin care routine (Weekly) ♡

Hello Everyone! Here is the skincare routine I carry out weekly. My everyday morning routine is really nothing special as I'm mostly rushing to college with hardly anytime. Though some sundays like this one today, I get to treat my skin so I've decided to share the process with you!

Try something Thursday: Review Mega Volume Miss Manga by L'oreal Mascara ♡

Hello hello (to whom it may concern), I came acrpss this little guy and oh myyy, how cute is the packaging? Love the pink and black, what do you think? I've not read any reviews or anything of the sort as I wanted to do it myself. Being addicted to newbies products I had to get it. 
This product retails at £5,99 as an introductory price, but will go up to £8,99. It also comes in Blue and Purple colours along with black.
This claims to create bold volume that amplifies upper lashes and reveals lower lashes. On the card that was next to the mascara, it says to use zigzag motion from the root of your lashes when applying. It claimed to work on the bottom lashes which is why I was really excited to try this.
♡ ♡ ♡