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Your best foot forward with Clive Christian
I swear looking for the perfect scent is a lifelong mission, and just like you shouldn't settle for shitty coffee, friends or men, we shouldn't settle for mundane scents ether. But, regardless scents defines us and our behaviour. 

Clive Christian is a British luxury interiors and perfume company and their website (here) is filled with gourmand perfumes that bear character, complexity and deep senses. Scents linger on our skin and there's something quite fucking fascinating about the body's chemistry, warm pulse points and our heartbeat that intertwined with our individual hormones causes a reaction to allow the fragrance to smell differently on everyone. 

gourmand perfumes

But seriously, you know that moment when someone walks past you and you're like whoaaaa girl stop, now, I want that, whatever that is you have... I want it, you smells afuckingmazing! 

Smell good, feel good. There definitely is some positive correlation here. We have different scents for different occasions, and there is some sort of vavavoom that the perfumes possess to evoke a certain mood, feel some sort of emotion and captivate moments that later arouse memories through the power of essence. Scents play bigger part in the way we are than we think, and that's not just me talking, there's science backing me up on this one.

gourmand perfumes
gourmand perfumes

When I was contacted to have a little try and smell of this perfume, I was excited,  but I definitely didn't expect the alluring charm I experienced once I spritz it for the first time.

The sample I was sent was from their private collection, enclosed in a gorgeous little box with two tiny sample bottles... but I'm just having to pause for a second and gather my thoughts as my nose is glued to my wrist. I genuinely can't stop smelling it. I've never smelt a scent quite as distinct as this one, it almost smells as what I would want it to smell if I concocted my own perfume... And I always wanted to do that! 

Sexy and sophisticated. In the process of trying to find more words to describe the scent, I feel like I'm describing the woman, while simultaneously characterising the fragrance. Strong but gentle. Classy yet vivacious... sophisticated, intricate, delicate and a touch mysterious. Complex. Different.

There's something about the soft richness of it that brings out a sensual and flirty vibe to the cohort of overall smokey yet opulent, luxurious aroma. 

If you were to spritz this on your pressure points, go on a date... he would remember you, it's the kind of scent that would be yourscent. If you didn't know any better you wouldn't think I'm talking about perfume, but it really does bring a charming formulation of provoked emotion that I didn't expect. 

Now I'm not going to hide the fact that they cost some serious dolla, there's a reason it's luxurious and if I had a rich husband I would definitely be making that investment. A girl can dream, and maybe the future me, the girl in 5 years time will be able to treat herself like that.

LET'S CHAT... I would love to know your feel-good perfume and what you look for in a scent down in the comments!
gourmand perfumes
gourmand perfumes
gourmand perfumes

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are honest and my own


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