The Liebster Award! ♡

I was so excited to see a comment from Blush and Fairy Dust to tell me she tagged me for this, thank you so much!!! I've never been tagged before it feels so exciting! Basically, once you're tagged, you give 11 facts about yourself and answer 11 questions given to you. Then you tag another 11 people! However you're not allowed to nominate the person who's already been nominated! SOO without further ado, with my culppaa, here it goes!

Oh so pink.. ♡

Hey guys! So today was little bit of a miss mash. Basically I was filming a get ready with me video, when I realised that you just can't see any products and by the time I filmed it I couldn't do it again as it was college time. So I decided to do a face of the day and a little outfit post! Enjoy! 

Tell them that it's my birthday, when I party like that ♡

Hellooo, so lately I've been posting a lot of lifestyle posts. As it was my birthday I obviously had a lot going on and I'm excited to share this exciting, stepping into adulthood 'journey' as some may call it. Like I said, I've been distracted with my birthday and going out using up my vouchers etc and being pampered and utterly spoilt by everyone! So distracted I haven't done any work for college!! Last night I got in at 5am.... OOOPSS. Having to work a double shift today, that may not have been such a brilliant idea after all. However I'm feeling fine today. I had a 3 hour break before that I was going to use to write some essays.. But of course the internet in costa HAD to not work, and start working half an hour before I have to go! This post is coming from me sitting in costa and editing my birthday pictures! Kind of productive isn't it?

Oh please don't love me any less ♡

Hey guys, so this is a quick post to let you guys know that I'm waiting upon my mac!! YES EEK exciting times! It was my birthday yesterday and I had a lovely day (eventually) and now from the extra birthday money I've got I was able to order my mac! I bought the 13" Retina Display with 8 GB memory! I'm super excited to blog with the new things I've received especially with the lights (small attaching to your camera). They have filters and options and are perfect for my

Try Something Tuesday: New Super Stay Better Skin Foundation by Maybeline ♡

Heawwwdy Everyone! Hope you've been having a fabulous February, as of for me it's bee stressful! I've lost my diary and I lost myself along with it too! I tried surviving without it, but I couldn't! So I purchased a new one and it's so cute and I can have my life back on track once again! YAY. Anyway, I'm here today with this new foundation and if you'd like to hear more about it, then come on in! I'm here crazy full with work to do, but don't mind me putting blogging before of a couple of due in essays, questions and an art coursework.. 

Love Love Love ♡

Since love is all over the world right now, I thought it might be appropriate to share what I've been loving recently. Also, do you guys like Valentines Day? For me it's not a big deal. I actually like it more when I'm single, that way you can eat loads of chocolate and be all funny about how single for life you're gonna be. I prefer it that way because me and my boyf always try and show 'love' and have dinners in and out, so V Day isn't THAT special.. However we have opted for a take away and a cute film! I may even bake some loves day stuff! (yeeeeeeeeeah as if that is happening) Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Oh those pretty little things on a hush ♡

Hello my lovies and a fellow newbie I hope? (All the things down bellow, come on it)

Vintage Valentine ♡

Hello everyone!
Don't you just love those pamper nights once in a while? I do! With Valentine's day approaching, here is the first post in the V DAY series. It's an idea for anyone who will be spending valentines with your fave girls or just by yourselves! Even if you're in uni and your boyf is somewhere at the other end of the country... Whatever the situation you can use this to pamper yourself!

It was a Zara kind of day ♡

Hey guys, excuse le absence! Busy this, busy that. You've heard it all before. College units coming to the end, work, homework etc etc. But really, this post was half done a lawwwwng time ago, I just needed a little bit more time to do... the other half, ya get me? Well if ya get me, get ready with me? Oh lord what am I talking about.. All of these rhymes. ON THE BALL! Anyway. I've got everyday makeup look I pretty much always wear, minus the babyskin and the foundation, and the L'oreal eye line that I hate and I'm trying to use up! A few of these products are new that I'm trying out, aka baby skin and the new foundation. I quite like the foundation, though I think the description is misleading, so let me know if you want a review!!

But of course, no morning can be started without a cup of black coffee..And can we just stop for a second and observe my cute mug? 1. Yeah you can stop now.