Faux Snob.

Haha, the title is actually quite funny.. 'Fake Snob'. I don't know why this amused me, but it has.. More than it should! You know when the time comes when you're completely broke, and you're just this far from hitting the negatives in your account.. Well I was in that position too, but what did I do? Yes, I went and bought lipstick.. From MAC. So I wasn't 'this' far to hitting the negatives. I WAS in the negatives. But hey, better be poor and fabulous! 
So since, I have literally spent my last dollar on some gorg lipsticks, I might as well tell you what I think about them! I went for the colours Faux and Snob. My guy friends say they're basically the same, and yes they may both be in the nude category but one is browny and another is pinky, so no they are not the same! Other than that, I actually didn't quite realise how amazing these were. These are the satin finish ones and they stay on for SUCH a long time. I an't believe I've been MACless for such a long time, like seriously what's wrong with me? Here are some swatches.

I know I know, It's not your typical winter colour post, and you're right it's not. I just really loved the colours so winter or no winter I bought them. I don't know whether I need to tell what they feel like as I'm sure most of us have, but for the sake of those like me.. They are gorgeous, and before I tried these, I believed in dupes and cheap lipsticks. I really only thought that long wearing lipsticks are mostly ones that are bright, but I was wrong as these gorgeous nudes do the job perfectly! But this really makes me think different, as a good lipstick is so awesome to have, you know, one that actually stays whether you drink coffee or not! I like how they feel on my lips, they feel silky and smooth and not only that, it doesn't feel sticky. After  just a little bit you forget you're wearing lipstick and again, they are very long lasting. What else would you want from a lipstick? I'm extremely happy with the choice of lipstick I made, and I do confess, I may be slightly hooked on these. I totally know why MAC lipsticks are seen as best lipstick! What is your favourite colour?!


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