Rendevous ♡

So, I went to Birmingham for a Uni open day. We had some time to squeeze in shopping.However, as it's not the end of the month yet, although very close to it, my bank account was suffering. Even so, I couldn't pass the opportunity to hit some shops and declare complete bankruptcy with about 3 pounds left to my name  afterward until the last Friday of the month. For what it's worth, my little affair with the 'Bullring' shopping centre. ♡♡♡

Morning skin care routine (Weekly) ♡

Hello Everyone! Here is the skincare routine I carry out weekly. My everyday morning routine is really nothing special as I'm mostly rushing to college with hardly anytime. Though some sundays like this one today, I get to treat my skin so I've decided to share the process with you!

Try something Thursday: Review Mega Volume Miss Manga by L'oreal Mascara ♡

Hello hello (to whom it may concern), I came acrpss this little guy and oh myyy, how cute is the packaging? Love the pink and black, what do you think? I've not read any reviews or anything of the sort as I wanted to do it myself. Being addicted to newbies products I had to get it. 
This product retails at £5,99 as an introductory price, but will go up to £8,99. It also comes in Blue and Purple colours along with black.
This claims to create bold volume that amplifies upper lashes and reveals lower lashes. On the card that was next to the mascara, it says to use zigzag motion from the root of your lashes when applying. It claimed to work on the bottom lashes which is why I was really excited to try this.
♡ ♡ ♡