How to: Clearer Skin in 3 steps ♡

Hey guys! I think whether it's winter or summer, sometimes we just break out. So I'm not an expert and I'm not saying that this post means you will never breakout if you do these steps! BUT I do know quite a fair bit about the skin itself, working in The Body Shop, therefore I wanted to share my knowledge! 

Okay, so with having a clearer skin, comes commitment! You can't be lazy and hope for the best. So what you need is to find a skincare routine that really suits you and your skin type. You can pop into your local Body Shop and they give you a full skin consultation! Once you do that, you can buy products to do that. My way into clearer skin are three steps CLEANSE TONE and MOISTURISE. But that should happen twice a day! Saying that, you can start with these three steps and then progress into adding add ons, whether you want radiance or extra blemish treatment! However, this is a simple, beginners suggestion to clearer skin! 

CLEANSE: Make sure you cleanse your face. It's important to cleanse your face in the morning, as that's when your face tents to be most oily with it being collected over night. But also at night, to remove any dirt particles or makeup collected throughout the day! Make sure to use something that suits your skin. Since I have normal skin, i mix and match my routine. Usually it's The Body Shop products as they are my most trustworthy products, that I'm comfortable with layering. Though I'm trying out new products! It's important to cleanse your face no matter which skin type you have. 
If you have acne prone skin especially, it's important to stick to this as you're removing all bacteria that is gathered, to prevent further acne progressing. If you don't remove all of the dirt and impurities, remember it stays on your face, bacteria forms, blemishes appear acne etc! Make-up wipes just don't clean it all off girls! 

TONE: This step is important, because although the cleanser does a good job of removing any dirt, it's important you get the last bits and traced of the dirt, especially make-up. Again, pick something that is good for your skin. If you're particularly concerned about blemishes, Tea Tree range in Body Shop is amazing for that! 

MOISTURISE: After the two steps above it is CRUCIAL to moisturise your face. This is for a few reasons. I'll try and not get too scientific on your ass, but basically the more oil you remove, the more oil your skin tries to produce. So it is important to put the moisture back in your face with a moisturiser. Not only that, keeping your skin hydrated, ensures that your skin stays looking healthier and more useful! Moisturised skin means preventing wrinkles and flakes! At night time, it's a good idea to change up your moisturisers, because in the morning you want something light, that is absorbed quickly, whereas at night, that's the time when you want to replenish and restore you skin and give it extra moisture. That's exactly what the 12hr overnight serum-in-oil does. It's basically an oil, which has a serum consistency, meaning it sinks into the skin rather than linger. It is an overnight treatment, so it's quite rich BUT it's for all skin types including oily types. I've heard so much good things about this by oily/ combo skin users, for the fact that it's a serum consistency. I hugely recommend this product to try out because, this isn't just a moisturiser it feels like a treatment for me because my skin feel so replenished and so restored, it's a highly unique product I've seen throughout the ranges and skincare in general.

I hear so many people saying that they're using wipes, or go to bed with their makeup. But if you have this routine, you don't need a 20 product routine, especially when you're a student. Though if you stick to this simple rule (CLEANSE TONE and MOISTURISE) you can be sure that your skin is looked after, and if you do happen to need any extras you can still add them on! 

NOW you can use a cleanser, or a wash as a cleanser, or I sometimes use a scrub. I do use a mask twice a week, to get all the dirt out! However, if you're using a deep clean mask, make sure you don't have to be anywhere important the next day as you may get some spots coming out (it's a sign that it's working) haha!

Make sure you don't overuse products like this, as you may dry your skin and therefore encourage extra oil to be produced and more blemishes!!

I also use this blemish oil, ether on a spot or any scaring I have!

I really hope this post helps you and you find it useful, especially those who don't have a proper routine, or want to start having a better routine! Please let me know if this was helpful, comment down bellow any skincare question and I will try and answer them for you! Sorry for the lengthy post! But needs to be done! If you want me to go more in-depth about what each range at The Body Shop does and how it works etc! Please read the disclaimer on my blog! I'm not sponsored or paid to mention these products, I'm simply a customer consultant at my local store :) 

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Though as always,
Lots of love
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  1. great post- I'm really in need of good skin care right now!! Would love if you could check my blog :)

    1. Aww thank you! If you do, the you came to the right place! Those three steps are the very base to your skincare routine, which is quite easy to follow :) I for sure will!! Thank you for popping by!xoxoxo