River Island Style Studio Blogger Event

Hello lovelies!

So today's post is so exciting and a little different as I've attended my first ever blogger event on Saturday. The event was organised by Poonam Walid (here) in collaboration with River Island.

River Island
Photo by Nav
If you're thinking that I've totally panicked about my wardrobe for the first time ever, you're absolutely right, but I didn't hesitate to pick the Zara stripy Culottes for the occasion as I have been waiting for a chance to wear them.

Unibox Review

Hello lovelies!
Today I'll be talking about quite a unique subscription box that I've been kindly sent by Unibox. I bloody love boxes like this, it's like Christmas came early but every month!

10 reasons being single is better

Take this with a pinch of salt please. I've been in relationships before and I know it's not all doom and gloom... But since I'm not in one now, I thought it would be fun... It is valentine's season after all...

1.) You get to starfish in bed all.the.time.
And ain't nobody sending you memes about how you hog the bed... Old joke now my man.

Stone Cold.

Why hello there! Guess who's back with a fashion post? Now as much as I love my LBS (little black skinnies), I decided to finally cave and buy myself some boyfriend jeans, for £15 may I add... I say that was a win?

I know there are quite a few photos here, but when the lighting is 'lit af' and you're feeling yourself, girl, you do what you gotta do.