Faux Snob.

Haha, the title is actually quite funny.. 'Fake Snob'. I don't know why this amused me, but it has.. More than it should! You know when the time comes when you're completely broke, and you're just this far from hitting the negatives in your account.. Well I was in that position too, but what did I do? Yes, I went and bought lipstick.. From MAC. So I wasn't 'this' far to hitting the negatives. I WAS in the negatives. But hey, better be poor and fabulous! 

Winter Bits ♡

Ahh, so here we are well into December and the winter is here! I went and bought a few things to celebrate the season. As much as I love Autumn, winter is when you can properly cuddle in, christmas movies become appropriate and christmas songs are blasting in every shop. I can honestly