Bronze Me Summer Make-Up Look ft. NEW Tea Tree bb CREAM!

Hello hello my fellow friends! 

I HAVE A VERYYYYY EXCITING PRODUCT to feature here from the title you might have guessed, but YES The Body Shop has released the very Tea Tree BB cream! YAY. 
But first let me show you just how amazeblass this little guy is with a little summer makeup tutorial!
When you are breaking out with spots or having bad skin days, you cake on the makeup, though that isn't bringing any benefits to your skin, the better thing to do is to avoid make-up at all. BUT what if I told you that there is a product that would give you coverage and fights blemishes? 

Yummy Chicken Salad Recipe: Live healthy with me. ♡

' I will Go on a diet tomorrow, but first let me eat this choccy' Hahaha, do you ever have moments when you're like hahahaha, oh jee I just made my self laugh.. A lot?! Well I just had one of those. Anywayyyyyy, I put together this salad sometime i can't remember when now and thought I'll photograph it. Everyone seems to be going on diets now, but i like to see it more of a healthier lifestyle. Diet sounds way too strict and if I went on a diet I would never stick to it. Seriously, we are all human here and have a chocolate here and there, no judgment. Urgh why am I ranting -.- basically, I will be posting things like that, perhaps a smoothie or a recipe for the 'Live Healthy With Me' thing. 'thing' because I don't know what it is haha, it's not a series as I won't be posting on a certain day every week about it, it's just the name of this thing. As you can see, I'm really literate...... 

New in! ♡

If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I was on a spending ban for the month of April. It went amazing, I din't buy ANYTHING beauty/ fashion related. Being on the spending ban has actually taught me to discipline myself. But hey, discipline wears off, Summer is around the corner and when it comes to summer, many say there are no boundaries. You can put the 'no boundaries' in the sense of buying or the sense of experience.. Ether way, I'm blabbing on and not making much sense, just a load of random thoughts splurged out whilst typing. ANYWAY, point is that at the moment I am indeed disciplined and didn't actually buy a tonne of things the first day I got off the ban! That might be due to the current lack of money in my pocket or the actual discipline. Though I guess we will find out when I start earning more dolla! 
♡ ♡ ♡ 

Kisses and Polka Dots ♡

I'm not going to blab on how sorry I am for not blogging. In reality, I'm currently in the process of revising for the most important exams I'm faced with so far and so I had to sacrifice blogging. I may not post as frequently as my first exam is in 15 days ALREADY, that's on top of the huge 2 art projects I have to finish! But do keep up and chat to me via Twitter! I will be posting a couple of guest posts within this month, but I thought I'll save them till after I explain what's going on. Truth is I missed blogging like cray cray! Hahaha! Also.. I have e-mailed some people ether back and promised to reply to their r-mail, well I'm still onto that, I just haven't yet dedicated time to e-mails as of yet!!