Pretty things in March! ♡

Hey guys! I hope you've been having a fabulous SPRING so far. Though I'm still stuck in this Autumy Limbo here in UK. It breaks my heart listening to Capital FM and hearing how the weather in London is going to hit 18 degrees C. Yeah, I know, here in UK we get really excited if the weather hits high teens you see. But looking out the window isn't fun as i can't see anything due to the rain.. THAT being said I got my radio blasting to make sure I stay in a good mood and positive! 


1. These shoes have been on my feet, rain or shine (literally). I got them during the X-mas sales in River Island, for what I though was and absolute bargain of £10. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned them before, but they have been on my feet throughout march, so I had to mention them again! 
2. I don't know how far YOGA pants go to say they're 'fashion' but these are the comfiest things in the whole wide world! I wore them for a day in college and I just didn't want to take them of! They were a bargain too! £19.50 or something like that!!!! (In VS sale)
3. Another purchase from London, off the market rack thing in Oxford street! It's such a neutral colour that it goes with ANYTHING! Well, at least I've been wearing this scarf with anything haha! 
4. I've been really into the manga mascara recently. When I did my review here I loved it and now I like it even more. Because of the watery formula, it's hard to get to on the roots of the lashes to get that thickness. But I've been using it with my dry lancome mascara (for roots) and manga on the rest and I looooooove the effect. It's just my fave at the moment. This combo gives volume and thickness. You can use any half dry mascara as it separates your lashes really well as well! 
5. This blush is just the prettiest thing ever! It's a really pale colour and it was only £2.50 from Claires! I must admit, it looked way prettier as it actually had shimmer coating on the rose, but still it gives such a nice pinch of colour and surprisingly looks amazing onto of a matte bronzer when you contour:) 
6. So I've been using this matte primer, which has worked wonders at evening out my skin! I honestly can see such a difference in my skin. I forgot to put in on at some points in the month, and I could see the difference in the way my foundation applied! So I definitely recumbent this The Body Shop primer! 
8. Hoe pretty is this colour?! I bought it in prim ark last year, but I've been loving this colour on my nails recently again. There's nothing else to day hahah! 
9. The Body Satsuma hand sanitiser smells devine! It's perfect size if you're on the go and your bag. I actually have about 3 one for my room and two for my hand bags (one for college and the other for when I go out) So they're really handy and you have LOADS of flavours to choose from! 
10&11. The scarf should of probably gone in this category.. Anyway These two necklaces been on my neck the whole month, I can honestly say i haven't worn anything else! They just go with everything, the green one add a pop of colour and they're just beautiful and soooo cute! (Both NewLook)
12. Only one favourite hair product! But I've been loving using this instead of a hairspray. I Actually think this one works better than the current hairspray I'm using! It's the tresemme 24hr finishing spray! Worked wonders for keeping volume in my hair, curls and maintaining a messy look if I'm going for one as well as up do's! All around an awesome product! 
13. I've been obsessing over Peppermint tea for quite a while, so much so that I'm prepared to spend £3.50 for 15 or £9.00 for 50... I know, don't judge it's so good! I definitely recumbent peppermint if you want to try some flavoured teas or just getting into drinking tea! This flavour is also amazing if you're looking to give up sugar as it tastes sooooooo good without it! 
14. Cotton Pads from Primark.. Random aye?! But seriously unlike other cotton pads, these are like stuck together so they don't separate if you know what I mean? Like other is I try and take them out fray in half, but these are like glued or something around the edges so It's perfect haha! And cheap feel amazing on the skin :) 
You may just notice how I missed NUMBER 7.  and thats just because I wanted to mention it as my unfavourite. It's not doing very much to my skin and crease under my eyes, and it just doesn't work at hiding the circles or making me look 'more awake'. So yeah. 

Okay, can we just please take a moment for GG. That wasn't a question.. Honestly though, Did I mention it in my last post? If I have I'm so sorry, I just can't get over how good it is. Urghhhhh, like no one understands I swear. Hhaha, That's it. 
I got a few new things to share with you that happened. Firstly, I'm on a fashion and spending ban. I was going to make a post, but honestly, I found them so boring to read so I didn't. I wanted to quickly mention it though and why I'm doing it in a sentence or two, so I don't bore you! As you may or may not know, I'm going (hopefully) to uni if I get the grades, therefore it will be a huge step in my life and I will have to move myself (literally) into on little space. So I wanted to take this time to use the things I've got and wear the things I have. Especially with spring weather approaching (although no sight of it here in the UK) It's my way of spring cleaning! And then second ally of course to save money. I also wanted to see how stubborn and committed I am! With that being said I this will encourage me to make my posts more creative as I won't have new products to share with you and things like that. I don't do many reviews anyway, but I thought it will be fun! Okay and then yesterday I got a tattoo at about 9.00 pm. I know.... WHAAAAT?! It was in no doubt the most impulsive thing I've done so far in my life! But I'm in love with it! I will be showing you it so I won't say too much! 
 ♡ ♡ ♡

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