What to take to University?! ♡

Oh the times of sheer panic. When moving out is soon to happen you'll be living the 'grown up' life. Well, that's all well and good, but if you've been well looked after by your parents you may need a little help of what to take to the new chapter of your life. I've done SOO much research and looked up lists and watched tonnes of videos and picked out the things that I will really need to save you guys the time, that let's be honest none of us have! Get a pen and paper ready for the list because there is A LOT of things! If you want to see the first part, mainly containing kitchen stuff in a video form then click here! EEEK I CAN'T believe I'm actually writing all of this stuff and university is actually happening for me! LET'S JUMP IN!
I don't like posting things that are not my own photo's but for the sake of this post I will man up and do it and perhaps replace them when I do have the photo's and the stuff! 

Bedroom Stuff! 

-Duvet and Pillow's are usually NOT provided so you might need some of those!
- Bedding (double check the sizing of what you're getting. Some get a double, mine is a 3/4) I found some really cute ones on Asda website here that are super affordable! I would take 2 sets to start with for definite! 
-Mattress Protector will do it's job AND thicken the mattress making it more comfy!  
-Throws/Quilts that could double up as a winter blanket! You Don't want to take too much and you can always buy more when you're there and you know you've got space! 
-Cute Cushions to make it seem more homely
-Desk Lamp, it can also be used as a table lamp when the real think is too bright!
-Photo's in frames. A lot of people hang it on the notice board bit, I feel like it makes the room seem smaller and more claustrophobic so I would opt for frames! 
-Storage boxes are a must! In my accommodation and I know in many, they have a lot of desk space and shelves. I'd coordinate boxes or even get them in white, so that you can use the same ones in the second year when you move into a house. Again, white makes everything seem more airy and bigger! I found some simple ones here.  They come in different sizes so will perfectly slot into a bit of space. It will look neat and tidy as the mess will be in the box and not on the show. Same or plastic boxes can be used to organise shoes, hair tools etc! BE CREATIVE!
-Clothes Hangers- I recommend the velvety one's as they are super slim so you will be able to keep a lot of things in one tiny uni wardrobe!
-Laundry Basket. Make sure you get something that is easy to cary and you don't have to bring a bag as well! I would recommend buying only one and not two- one for clean one for dirty laundry because that way you save space and you won't have a load of clean clothes that are not put away because if you only have one you will need to empty it as soon as you bring the clean clothes in!
-A rubbish bin
-A Rug. This is for protective AND personal purposes. To keep the 'dorm' or you halls of residence clean and TMI- puke free I'd get a cheap rug so it feels more cosy and just incase an accident happens! 
-Hot water bottle- Whether it will keep you warm or make 'that' time of the month a little easier, I recommend it.
-Medicine Remember, you will have NO ONE to take care of you and you need a tablet for every occasion, whether its diarrhoea or a headache, you will need it! 
-Desk Lamp (Double check though, some provide this already) You might want to buy more lighting to put by your bed side table too as I know some lighting in uni rooms are really rubbish as they use low voltage, eco friendly lighting!

Bathroom: (I've got an ensuite so keep in mind) 

You can usually share bathroom nd kitchen stuff, but I have my own. 
-Cleaning bucket. The bathroom's provided are usually small, so If you have all your appliances in a bucket with various cloths and cleaning stuff it will save space! 
-Bathroom Cleaners, Glass Cleaners etc etc etc. 
-Bath and Toilet Mats. My personal preference is white, but if you want to make it themed, go ahead. Just remember how expensive everything is to buy and if you decide on another theme you will need to buy it all over again! 
-Metal or Plastic Holders. This will be handy to hang for all your shower stuff like shampoo etc etc! And this is again from Asda. But I'm not being lazy, velvet ghost's video on youtube made me want to visit asda and I love it! You can honestly find these anywhere TKMaxx, Dunlem, Matalan etc etc! 
-Towels. I recommend 2x Face Towels 2x Hand Towels 2x Body Towels. I think those should be enough. You might want an extra towel for when you go to sauna or the leisure centre with the pals! 
-Toilet Brush. Because you just need one! 


-Plates. I'd recommend 2x Big 2x Smaller 2x Desert 2x Bowls (Click here for a nice set from Argos. ALTHOUGH I got told that everyone buys white so you might not want to but then again, there are plenty of ways to try and distinguish) 
-Glasses. 2x Wine, some shot glasses and simple water drinking glasses. 
-Pans, saucepans. I'd recommend 2x Big and 2x Small of each. 
-Baking trey. I got a pizza trey (probably most important one), a small roasting trey and a bigger baking trey for any cakes you want to bake. 
-Small ceramic baking dishes. (I looked all over the £land website and I couldn't find one so check out my video to see what I mean) they are perfect for cooking just for one! 
-A lot of containers, so if you cook too much you can put them away. Or to take out with you instead of buying your lunches!
-Veg Peeler. Just will make your life a whole lotta easier! 
-Knives and Cutlery.
-Kitchen towels and a Kitchen Glove.
-Utensils. Spatula, Scrambling fork, Bottle opener, corkscrew, tin opener, masher, whisk, wooden spoon
-Chopping Board. 
-Cheese grater 
-Sponges, Clots and brush along with kitchen cleaners to wash up and clean, obvs. 
-Sieve/ Colander. Although both are good as you can use one for rice and the other for pasta.
-Thermal Coffee Cup! I used them all the time when I was in college, with running late pretty much all the time, I didn't have to wake up earlier for my coffee fix! I got mine from prim ark for £2.50 and they still have supaaa cute one's!


I do recommend taking simple clothing to uni and don't worry about fitting in your whole wardrobe! I promise you that when you arrive there, you will want so many new things to fit in with your 'new life' sand all that malarky, especially if you're from a small town or even a village. I'm just taking        -Black and Grey Jeans (Still debating because I really want the top shop Skinny Jamie's!)
-White shirt
-Grey and white T-shirts and tops as they are super easy to style and you can buy any accessories you wish when you're there.
-4 Bags. A university Bag, A Clutch and a day-today bag. I Only so far have my MK day to day bag and need to get the rest, but I will most likely get them once I'm there. Also you might want a travel home weekend bag. Remember, you've probably left things here that you can wear!
-2 Pairs if high heels. Just so they match everything. I actually am taking 3- one black one white pair and another which is open toe.
-If you have good quality boots take those, if not leave your old ones home and purchase good quality ones.
-Booties (same advice as above)
-Sneakers and comfy dolly shoes to run to and from lectures. I know winter is around the corner but if your uni is right next to your accommodation like mine, you can sometimes throw on just a simple pair of flats!
-Wedge Boots are a good idea as they are super comfy but gives you that extra umpgh and a boost of confidence!
-Coats and Jumpers. I'm going to build mine up to contain a leather coat (faux most likely), Trench coat as it's light weight and a winter coat.
-Blazers and Jackets. Nice for any interview you may have or to go out in.
-Going out clothes. When you go out for freshers, let's be honest you are judged by what you look like. A tricks to dress simple and accessorise! I'm not saying to buy a gucci gown girls. I'm saying that you can still look good on a budget, just don't go out in a hoody and some sweat pants. I mean if you want that Rock it girl, but personally I'm not confident enough to do that.

Of course there is stationary and other bits you might like to take with you, but you've just been through a huge stage of your exams, and you know what works for you! I just covered what I'm taking to university and you can tailor this for your own needs, you may not have a bathroom or you may not want to take 4 bags. I didn't include petty things just necessities and I hope I got it all covered!

Hope you benefited this, make sure to share if you did! Also check out my Video to see what I've mentioned visually!


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