The beautiful things I lust for ♡

Heyyy! Guys, literal, can you come and find my charger for me?! I lost my SD card on Sunday and found it and posted, now I lost my charger -.- which is ok, but not very ideal. HOWEVER, I wanted to do this post after the one I was originally going to do today (see how i'm not telling you what it was supposed to be because I'm mysterious like that.) No but seriously, so I'll just swap them round and do this one today and the other one Sunday! Ideal?! I think so.  ANYWAY... Since i've been on a makeup ban for 10 days exactly, I accumulated a few things that I not only want.. BUT LUST FOR NOW! So, thought I will share it with you! 
 ♡ ♡ ♡

If I could only have 3 make-up items... ♡

Okay, so this may come as surprise to some of you, but it will most definitely not to my friends. You may be like 'Hey Angelika, you missed a post yesterday!' Well, to my defence I forgot it was Monday today and I've been living a day behind. Blame it on the humongous headache from the dreaded hangover. Hahaa! Anyway. I though this was a fun post to do, and I chose 3 items because more than that would be easy decision! 

Pretty things in March! ♡

Hey guys! I hope you've been having a fabulous SPRING so far. Though I'm still stuck in this Autumy Limbo here in UK. It breaks my heart listening to Capital FM and hearing how the weather in London is going to hit 18 degrees C. Yeah, I know, here in UK we get really excited if the weather hits high teens you see. But looking out the window isn't fun as i can't see anything due to the rain.. THAT being said I got my radio blasting to make sure I stay in a good mood and positive!