..on making mistakes, stress, being a hot mess and being stuck in a rut...

 I find myself a being a hot mess too. Us girls (and guys) can all fake it till we make it! But even then we all slip up. We've all had days where we would dream the night before, of getting up bright and early, throwing that dusty gym kit

White Stuff.

I think everyone is obsessing over all white outfits recently, including me. I have been for a while, they're just so crisp and chic. The other day I wore this outfit for shopping, which was creamy but still very light and I really liked that, so of course I had to stop my friend and ask her to take pictures. We both almost missed our busses/ trains but at least I have a blog picture!

My first year of university: 15 Tips and Lessons learnt!

What an academic year it has been. Like always, there were the ups and downs, but for me by far, the ups have outweighed the downs.

For most of us, university is a very drastic change. From being at home, as independent as we think we were, we just were not. For the majority, living away gives so much independence but with that comes responsibility. Like.. What even is laundry? Who’s Mr.Muscle? The ‘Hi mum how do you….’ Will be a frequent conversation starter. Nonetheless, all of that becomes some of the best and most amazing memories you make. 

The beginning of Summer.

Hello there! Hope everyone is doing fabulous! I woke up and felt super happy and satisfied with my life and I just couldn't stay in and revise for the morning. The sun was shining and my mood was so good and I knew I had quite a few things going on later on. Anyway I grabbed my friend and thought I'll make him take some photo's of me for my blog. This blogpost is mainly to share my love

In May I loved...

Hola everyone! What a busy time of the year, if you're a student you'll probably know what I mean, though I bet you're way more efficient in managing your time than I'll ever be! Anyway, I wanted to share a few of my favourites that I've been ether trying out and loving! Without further a do, without getting carried away, let's go because there is a hell of a lot to share!!

The Lean Body Project! | 30 Day Summer Body Challenge ♡

Hello guys, I wanted to bring you a really quick post, because I REALLY wanted to share this with you as I'm particularly excited to undertake this challenge. It's called The 30 day Lean Body Challenge ( 30 Day Summer Body Challenge on Facebook).

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Out with the old in with the New #2

The lighting was EVERYTHING when I took the picture displaying all the items amirate or amirate ladies?! It's such silly phrase but I can't help it, it just comes out! The reason I caught the lighting this way is because of an app called 'Magic Hour' which will literally become every bloggers and new vloggers best friend. Especially those of us who do not have the funds yet, to purchase professional lighting, this app will tell you when the sun rises and when the sun sets to give you the ultimate prime hour for photography and videos (Mimi's recommendation here)!
I wouldn't normally call a haul type post/ mini review what the title is. However, I am replacing old products with new ones and not just simply trying new products out. So just like last 'Out with the old in with the new' post here, I will share the new items I bought and what I think of them so far! So idemo! (That's let's go in Croatian... Wait, whaaat?!).... I'm weird ok?!

Every Girls Must Haves!

Hello world, taking a little break from revision to blog. I'm currently at home in Cornwall, and it's so sunny you can actually get a proper tan. Which saddens me beaches I'm stuck in doors :(. It's always the case this time of the year, when the sun is out and I have to study. Anyway, I wanted to share with you thing's I've been ether living with or couldn't live without. I believe these items should be in possession of any girl! Of course, don't go thinking I'm telling you to have exact same things otherwise it's a no go. Anyway you get the point, I will now bring you my faves.

If I could only have 3 Skincare Products. ♡

Hey guys! It's officially 3 Days, 13 hours and 00 minutes and 30 seconds until spring at the time of writing this, but hey who's counting?! I'm so excited for spring because winter is over after new years for me and then it just seems cold and it drags out for way too long especially in the UK. Although many debates have been made when springs starts (whether its 1st of march or 21st) the weather in the UK is way too bipolar for spring to start n the 1st. And it was freaking freezing yesterday! Anyhow, just wanted to share my 3 must have skincare products and the three very bare essentials for me. The 'If I could only have 3 Makeup Products' post here went down a treat with you guys, so I thought this would be fun to do as well, for those of us who, lets be honest have those lazy day routines. And let's be real, who uses 10 products a day, 7 days a week, everyday anyway?! I certainly try to take care of my skin, but no human being has a strict morning and evening routines that they ALWAYS do. Yes, we all try our best to maintain routines, blah blah blah, but this is for the lazy folks like me, who want to strip their skin care to the very bare minimum, and the products I would choose if I only had 3 products to pick for the rest of my life!

In the City that we love.

Do you guys remember this song? I randomly typed it in and didn't realise they were lyrics to Bastille's Pompeii. Ahhh, that brings so many sunny memories and not so sunny memories (aka when Bastille Cancelled playing at Boardmasters festival because of how terrible the weather was). Summer memories, nonetheless make me lust for the sunny rays, relaxed fashion, the beach and messy hair. However since we are still in the transitioning period from cold to warm(ish) here in the UK, I bring you the outfit I wore while wondering around the busy streets of London, when I visited my best friend (Blog here). It's actually my favourite outfit, and I just can't stop wearing it.  

Out with the old in with the New

So in my last post, I showed you guys some skincare bits that I got. Today I'm sharing some of the make up bits I grabbed in the sales. Only a few of the things I tried and therefore can give you an insight if you're thinking of purchasing! I'm going to jump right in and not blab on which is my tendency like all the time.. (See almost lost it there)

New Bits and First Impressions.

Hey everyone. I wanted to bring you a few of my favourite things I scored during the sales. This will be skincare related that I wanted to share, because I'm ether really excited to try them or I've really enjoyed using them! So here we go! 

2015 Goals Blogging Edition!

In my previous post you have seen my life style goals (here), I now want to introduce you to blogging goals. I always tell myself that I will do this and I will blog then and then, or I will blog 3 times a week and it never happens. I therefore want to make hardcore coals, engraved in my blog as evidence in order to achieve them. Don't get me wrong, I don't even have 1,000, hell, not even 500 followers so you may be like hey why are you giving us these tips. Well, basically these will be more of how I aim to achieve my blogging goals and who knows where I'll be after sticking to them?!

2015 Goals and How to Achieve them! Lifestyle Goals.

Okay, so my 2014 wasn't that exciting apart from some events that occurred. So, making resolutions and goals for 2015 is really important o me. I also never felt like I'm feeling now at the start of a new year. This year I really feel like I want to make an effort to change my lifestyle. I'm living by myself and I'm building a life for myself, so yeah, I really feel like this is the year that I will really make an effort to stick to these goals. So lets jump in!