Try Something Tuesday: New Super Stay Better Skin Foundation by Maybeline ♡

Heawwwdy Everyone! Hope you've been having a fabulous February, as of for me it's bee stressful! I've lost my diary and I lost myself along with it too! I tried surviving without it, but I couldn't! So I purchased a new one and it's so cute and I can have my life back on track once again! YAY. Anyway, I'm here today with this new foundation and if you'd like to hear more about it, then come on in! I'm here crazy full with work to do, but don't mind me putting blogging before of a couple of due in essays, questions and an art coursework.. 

Okay, so when I first tried it, it felt really nice and smooth, quite creamy and once blended, felt a bit furry (as in porefessional kind of fury) and all in all a really nice feeling foundation. Once I applied it, I was disappointed as it claimed to be a full coverage foundation. I decided to wear it today and it really isn't that full coverage. That being said, I'm growing to love this foundation. I loved it then I hated it and now I'm loving it again. One of the main things it claims, is that it 1. evens out skin tone instantly (true) and 2. Claims to have results of better looking skin in 3 weeks (testing). NOW, who doesn't want better skin? Exactly. It also comes in a concealer formula! Like I mentioned before, it applies smoothly and does feel very nice on the skin. I've used it a few times and it hasn't broken me out! Here is the foundation on (ironically enough I was saying how I don't like this product in that post). As you can see from the photo, it gives this airbrush finish, I recommend applying this with a flat brush to achieve that! It claims o leave the skin feeling energized (not so sure about this) with all day wear. All day wear for me is about 12 hours, it probably lasted me about 4-5 until I felt like I had spots or whatever coming through. I mean for something that states 'ALL DAY' doesn't feel good enough wear time. I recommend mixing this foundation with a concealer of your choice, for a longer staying power!

Flawless Finish- Yes, I believe it does give a nice airbrush finish. However, it's not a full coverage foundation! Concealer is probably a must in order to achieve that.
Evens skintone Instantly- Yes, but not for THAT long.
All day Wear- No, not in my experience.

CONCLUSION? I'll use this foundation for everyday use, rotating with the 'Wake me up' which I'm currently loving if I feel like I need a little more than the wake me up. Will I repurchase this? We shall see, at the moment I'm into trying new foundations and I was really hoping to love this, however even with two coats it didn't give me the 'umph' I hoped for. It doesn't attract as of right now, but I will use it just to use it up and not waste product. I mean it works, I like the finish, you just need a good powder to go with it. I'm also curious to find out whether it does indeed 'better' my skin! I cannot remember how much I bought it for, it was on sale, but NORMALLY, I think it's 8.99!

Have you tried it? What do you think?!
As always,
I love you lots


  1. Thank you for the review! I haven't seen this foundation yet, but I'm going to look for it now. Great post, I just followed you :)

    1. Hello! Thank you for visiting! Glad you enjoyed my post and found it useful, and thank you so much for following :P xoxoox