Oh those pretty little things on a hush ♡

Hello my lovies and a fellow newbie I hope? (All the things down bellow, come on it)

So, it's my birthday coming soon, and I thought it would be fun to make this wish list on a little hush. I'm in no way shape or form asking for these gifts or expecting to get them AT ALL! In fact, it was a fun thing for me to create on a quiet note and I've not mentioned these babies to anyone really. It's like a little secret desires I wish for and probably in a very VERY distant future save up money for!! But yeah, I've actually not asked for anything this year apart from a watch this year, which I've not included because I know I'm receiving one. I'm not quite sure which one it is yet but I will most definitely share it with you once it's here.... I'm so excited to find out what it is!!!!! EEEEEK!

♡ Mac Book Pro. I actually am currently saving up for one right now, so look out for updates on that front!! (Buy at apple store online)

♡ Q&A Book. This is so cool. It's a journal that you write in for 5 years. Each day for 5 years you answer a question and it's so cool to look back and reflect! ( buy here

♡ Rebecca Minkoff Bag. A craze that's kinda gone, but I love this bag so so so much. I've got a few spacey bags, however I really needed a good, durable tiny bag. This is PERF. (buy here)

♡ Clarasonic. I want one. I'm so sick of my skin being uneven. I've heard beautiful things and I'd love to own it and have it as part of my skincare routine. I think it would make such a difference! (buy here

♡ Justin Bieber the Key. How good does this smell? My nanny usually gets me JB perfumes as everyone else refuses to haha.. She doesn't know about one this year though :( (buy at any drugstore)

♡ Ted Baker Make up Bag. How cute is it though? Like literally. I've got the most beautiful purse that I've received from the most beautiful boyfriend and I'm so greatful. But now I want more things from there! (buy here)

♡ Thick Curling Iron. I haven't decided which one, but this one looks really good. I just want a fat ass barrel for natural waves, have been wanting for the longest time!!! (buy that particular one here)

♡ Filming Light. Picture Light. I'm never happy with the colours of my pictures. Like it never is as the camera takes! AND for the longest time I've wanted to start videos and my natural lighting in my house doesn't exist! these are cool though, you can change up filters to suit your needs! The fact that it attaches to your camera and its very small is also perfect as I live in a room sized cardboard box. (buy here)

♡ Canon 600D. My life My dream. I'm currently using 1100D, but I'm struggling without the vie finder, I love the general benefits of the 600D and the way the pictures look. I'm thinking about selling mine to save up for this beautaaaaay! 

There is obviously an endless list of clothing and Make-up items my heart desires. However, these are more long term item if you know what I mean! All the things above are so beautiful, but I shall be saving up (after I redeem from bankrupts of course) little by little hehe! 

As always,
Love you all!!


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