My Everyday Make-up Routine

Hey guys, so I've been away in Lithuania, visiting my dear nany. I love my nany. I'm using thi ancient computer as I thought nana might have decent one, I didn't end up bringing my own, but hey it's like having a big wardrobe malfunction in a middle of an event; you have to make it work. So although there is no way in hell this 'thing' would be able to handle the editing of a video, but it's okay because I have a lot of time to gather enegry, get myself together and organise! But here I come to you with the minimal make-up I bought here. I just bought what I usually wear really. 

I would first of all moisturise before ANYTHING including the makeup, but then I would use some sort of a primer, I bought The Body Shop Instablur with me to prime, 'perfect' and prepare the canvas of my face for makeup. 
I'd then pop my Rimmel Foundation, It's my all time favourite every day foundation. It's almost like a BB cream, as in it feels like it, as it's so light. Though it does give you much bigger coverage. I notice it wearing off towards the end of the day, but it doesn't bother me as it's very inexpensive and I usually don't wear it if I know I will be out from 9am-9pm. 
Next step is the under eye circles, I've been using the Revlon colourstay concealer. It deffinitely conceals lighter circles, but not the 'I'll go to bed at 3am and wake up at 7am' kind of circles! We need a differend kind of 'something something' for that sort of thing!
Next- the eyes. I'd first of all prime away with the NARS primer.  I didn't include this, but I would use an eyeshadow. I didn't want to include the only NAKED palette I bought as there isn't just one eye look that I ALWAYS wear in the day I switch it up every single day to experiment, if I like it I will share the look!
I would then do a little bit of contouring/ putting colour into my face with the Benefit Rickateur Blush. 

Next up, I would use a powder, I bought the translucent Rimmel powder, which I don'y actually like at all.. But I ran out of my Body Shop one.. 

My next step would be de eye lined, I've been loving the Glam Eyes from Rimmel for my winged liner. 

I would then grab the Argan Oil mascara, from Rimmel that I've been very much enjoying as it separates your lashed and lengthened them incredibly well! 

Last but not least I will finish everything off with this beautiful lipstick From The Body Shop that I wore TONNES this summer! 

But that is about it, I hope you LIKEYYYY!!!

Lot's of love, Angelika! 


  1. Really want to try that mascara! Heard great things about it. I really like the wake me up collection, the concealer is great too x

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway

    1. It's really good, it gets better once you use it more and more when it gets a little dryer! I've tried the concealer too, amazing for under eyes, though I'm not so sure about spots :/

  2. That benefit blush looks really pretty!

    1. Thank you very much chick, I live it!! I hit pan on it properly now so I need to think about getting another one! :) xxx