Winter Bits ♡

Ahh, so here we are well into December and the winter is here! I went and bought a few things to celebrate the season. As much as I love Autumn, winter is when you can properly cuddle in, christmas movies become appropriate and christmas songs are blasting in every shop. I can honestly

feel the frosty breeze nipping at the tip of my nose. To lather and treat myself I bought, or rather my lovely mother treated me to a few bits from the bodyshop. By far the new christmas Glazed Apple range is my favourite of all christmas ranges they've ever had. It's smells of apples, but like christmassy apples. I find it difficult to explain it because I would never associate apples with christmas but they smell amazing. I'm already half way through the perfume, which isn't my usual choice of scents, but this one is just something special, I urge you to try it because you will be involve! And because I loved it so much I didn't want to stop at smelling like it I also wanted my whole room to smell like it. This of course proved to be difficult as I keep my room door open, but my uni flat mates didn't mind our flat smelling so gorgeously good! WIN WIN!

Just before leaving for home, I popped in and got a few bits to keep me warm this winter and I may or may not have gotten another blanket and a few cushions. How cute are these bits from primark though? I will say one thing, you will not find a softer blanket than this one from primary, I actually can't believe it's from primark. It was £10 though which is a little price for the size of the blanket, I got a 3/4 bend it covers half of it! Still it's soo lovely! I've so far enjoyed the colder months, but christmas is approaching WAY too quickly so I'm making myself watch a christmas movie, because this year for some reason christmas feels like it will be here soon, next thing you know it's over! 
The one thing I have enjoyed is actually getting to enjoy the songs in stores, the christmassy spirit every time I walk down the street. I remember last year I worked for majority of the time in the day during the holidays or went to work in the evening or went to college. Don't get me wrong I didn't mind working in a shop, it was lovely as I got to see people enjoying shopping, enjoying our christmas ranges and doing the whole late night thing, and now I get to be one of them! YAY! Christmas comes around so quick and when it's over it's over, which is mighty sad! SOOOO I want get as much as I can from the run up to christmas! Enjoy the holidays you lovely lovely people! Lot's of love! 


  1. I am so obsessed with that range from the body shop too! It smells so so good and always leaves my bathroom smelling delicious :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Omg i know right, I used to work there before I moved to uni and even the I couldn't get enough!! xxx