The new kid on the block: Vitamin E Sorbet Moisturiser ♡

Hello hello hello. I'm here with a super super super duper exciting product (for me anyway). I just fell in love with this light weight, hydrating moisturiser. (And no I'm not being sponsored or anything).  If you're after plump, matte and hydrating moisturiser then keep on reading!

From my mothers closet |PrettyinGlamm ♡

Ello Ello Ello you beautiful people of the earth!!! I never expected summer to be so busy, but not hanging out with friends, going to the beach, pick nicks, walks or shopping kind of busy, but work kind of busy. I sometimes have 2 days off a week, sometimes I have no days off, but for some reason I get so tired when working, all I want to do is go back home eat, watch and sleep! Any tips? Although through this I grew more appreciation for upcoming events that I will be attending so YAY! Honestly, it hasn't been THAT hot, so I don't feel like I missed out on a great deal! ANYHOOOOOOOOW!!!!

South West Live Festival experience and a mini haul! ♡

Aloha my fiends! Why does that sound so funny in my head?! I got a few things to share with you including my speed shopping experience. Shall I start with hauling or SWL?! (that stands for south west live by the way). Haul it is. When I fished shopping I felt so good, you guys don't even know, it's like my shopping thirst has been clenched! 
So after the festival we stopped at Cribbs Causeway as we had 1 hours limit. To our surprise we sprinted off and were done in 30 minutes, of course the shopping wasn't thorough and we had to go back! I bagged some awesome bargains, and it happened recently so you may still be able to get hold of these babies!