Morning skin care routine (Weekly) ♡

Hello Everyone! Here is the skincare routine I carry out weekly. My everyday morning routine is really nothing special as I'm mostly rushing to college with hardly anytime. Though some sundays like this one today, I get to treat my skin so I've decided to share the process with you!

1. Brush my teeth
2. Wash my hands, using the chocomania hand soap from The Body Shop. I love ths one as it has little grains which gives a sort of exfoliation to the hands!
3. Pop on a mask. I usually use the tea tree for blemish control from The Body Shop
4. I'd wash it off with the Tea Tree wash, again from The Body Shop... By the way, I'm nooooot getting payed to say this or mention any products!
5. I'd Put some lip balm on. EOS Blueberry in the picture, but they vary all the time!
6. I'd also apply some hand cream, changes all the time, as by this step my hands feel very dry from the water. Honestly you guys, when H2O meets my hands it's bad! Always need to moisturize!
7. To get off any residue from any products and conclude the cleansing, I'd use the Bioderma toner.
8. Giving a few seconds I'd apply a day cream, currently using and loving the Soap and glory catch a wrinkle!
9. Finishing everything off with a nice eye cream which is supposed to brighten my eyes. Currently using the balance me eye cream. A little goes a long way is what I've learnt with this product, and what I've got in the picture is way way wayyyyyy too much!!

I honestly feel so good after these cleanses. Like I said, my usual routine is much simpler than this as I always need to be out the door quickly, but it's nice to spare a day looking after the skin properly!

Let me know if you tried any of the above products! What is your skincare routine like? LINK ME UP!

Lots of Love


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