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Since love is all over the world right now, I thought it might be appropriate to share what I've been loving recently. Also, do you guys like Valentines Day? For me it's not a big deal. I actually like it more when I'm single, that way you can eat loads of chocolate and be all funny about how single for life you're gonna be. I prefer it that way because me and my boyf always try and show 'love' and have dinners in and out, so V Day isn't THAT special.. However we have opted for a take away and a cute film! I may even bake some loves day stuff! (yeeeeeeeeeah as if that is happening) Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

I've tried quite a few new things recently, so here we go.
Rimmel Wake Me Up- I'm never satisfied with my foundation picks. Even reviews never work! I've bought this Maybeline one recently (you can see it on here) to try out and I don't think I like it! So never have luck with them. But I've been loving this one, the smell and the application! YAY! 

Rimmel Glam Eyeliner- Again, another thing I find hard to like! But I've been loving this and how in control I am of the thickness! I've been wearing it alone with a nude lip for a natural look!

Rimmel (I swear I'm not sponsored to use these, and it's a coincidence that they're all together too hahaa) Translucent Powder- I love it. Some powders kind of change your face, and once you love how your foundation went on, a powder ruins it and changes colour. I like this because it scents my makeup yet everything looks like I wanted it to!

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer- It's such a natural bronzer it's unreal. I'm not a bronzer kinda girl at all, however this is pretty cool as it's so natural and it applies really well too!

Naked 3- Need I say more? By far my fave palette! 


The Body Shop Vitamin E serum-in-oil -I'm not going to lie, I was hesitant to trying this out as it's an oil. Butt this product does a seriously good job at replenishing and repairing my skin, jam packed with loads of goodness! It's in a formula of an oil, but absorbs really quickly and feels super light like a serum! I'll do a separate post on this though...

The Body Shop Seaweed Scrub- I really love this scrub. It's the first scrub out of the one's I've tried that I've seen a difference in properly. I have normal skin, and this doesn't bother me, but it mortifies your skin like SOO much. If you have oily skin type, once you use this, you can literally see your face matte, I'm not kidding it's brill!

Jimmy Choo Flash- I loooove this. It's so me. Like I wanna walk into a room and people to be like 'oooh what's that?' and that's the exact reaction I've been getting! YAY!

My Heart sweater you can look at it here- I've just been wearing it non stop. And LOVING wearing it too. I think it's beyond cute! I've been wearing it with anything, skirts and jeans! It would look super cute with denim shorts when the weather is a bit hotter too! 

Soap and Glrory Hand food- I'm so tempted to buy the small pot so I can have one in my bag one in my room and have no fuss. I love the smell, I love how quickly it soaks in. I love this hand cream! If you don't already know, my hands always get dry once contacted with water. So I need a hand cream 24/7 and this is the perfect one! 

Crandberry Oil- OH MY DAISY! It smells so so soooo good! It's a christmassy scent, so it's on sale right now but it makes my whole house (not room.. house) smell of this gorgeous smell. YUMM

Mug Shot- This is what I've been living on recently. I can't live without these, I SWEAR! You need to try these... Don't get too addicted though! 

Let me know if you've tried anything and love? Or maybe Hate?
Also let me know any products you'd like me to go deeper in and review maybe? 
As always,
lots of love

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