My Everyday Make-up Routine

Hey guys, so I've been away in Lithuania, visiting my dear nany. I love my nany. I'm using thi ancient computer as I thought nana might have decent one, I didn't end up bringing my own, but hey it's like having a big wardrobe malfunction in a middle of an event; you have to make it work. So although there is no way in hell this 'thing' would be able to handle the editing of a video, but it's okay because I have a lot of time to gather enegry, get myself together and organise! But here I come to you with the minimal make-up I bought here. I just bought what I usually wear really. 

Zips and Leather.

Heyaa, I hope you're having a fantabulous day, morning or evening! I'm back here with a little outfit that I've put together and that I've really been loving. Like i have to tell myself not to wear it again, because i worn it twice this week already! At least that's one uni outfit less to plan! 

What to take to University?! ♡

Oh the times of sheer panic. When moving out is soon to happen you'll be living the 'grown up' life. Well, that's all well and good, but if you've been well looked after by your parents you may need a little help of what to take to the new chapter of your life. I've done SOO much research and looked up lists and watched tonnes of videos and picked out the things that I will really need to save you guys the time, that let's be honest none of us have! Get a pen and paper ready for the list because there is A LOT of things! If you want to see the first part, mainly containing kitchen stuff in a video form then click here! EEEK I CAN'T believe I'm actually writing all of this stuff and university is actually happening for me! LET'S JUMP IN!