The Liebster Award! ♡

I was so excited to see a comment from Blush and Fairy Dust to tell me she tagged me for this, thank you so much!!! I've never been tagged before it feels so exciting! Basically, once you're tagged, you give 11 facts about yourself and answer 11 questions given to you. Then you tag another 11 people! However you're not allowed to nominate the person who's already been nominated! SOO without further ado, with my culppaa, here it goes!

My Facts
1. I'm actually Russian, who lived in Lithuania and moved to the UK.
2. I work at The Body Shop and absolutely love it! (Read my disclaimer) 
3. I feel truly lucky to be who and what and where I am today. I feel like even having an opportunity to have internet and blog and have it whenever I want is taken for granted as so many people don't have access to things we have. 
4. I'm a huge procasinator when it comes to any task. 
5. I wish Summer was longer and Winter was shorter. I love winter and wearing cosy things, but I had enough now haha! 
6. I hope to live in LA one day. I love the lifestyle and the weather! 
7. I love pint rest and tumblr and I'm a sucker for cute quotes and pictures and nick nacks
8. I literally cannot wait to get out and leave for uni, I had enough of people I'm surrounded by, but I wish my family could come with!
9. I'm a very individual and independent person. I love my alone time and time to do whatever I want.  I hate it when people misunderstand that into 'she doesn't want to see me'. 
10. I'm useless. I'm useless with money, useless with time, useless with organising (I keep a diary though, that counts?) But I get everything I need done on time. 
11. I really want to meet people through blogging and I wish I was good at approaching people online! SOooo don't be afraid about approaching me through twitter or on here or e-mails, I'd love to get to know you! 
Questions for me!
1. What's the #1 product you couldn't live without? Moisturiser. Seems boring, but without moisturisers there would be no point in applying make-up, it would look terrible! 
2. If you could stay one age forever what would it be? 18. Like 21? You're grown up then, you find your true friends by that age, i think I could live with being 21 forever! 
3. What's your favourite food? Chicken Pesto Linguini, no doubt. 
4. What's your favourite brand of makeup brushes? I've only tried unbranded ones and The Body Shop ones.. So TBS.
5. Do you have a pet? If not, what type of pet would you want? No I don't. I keep saying I want a pug, but I could never wake up at 6am to walk it! 
6. What's your favourite book, movie, or TV show? Pretty Little Liars. HANDS DOWN! I also loveeee Devious Maids! 
7. What's your favourite thing to do when having a bad day? I love making lots of tea and watching youtube videos. I also like tidying my room. I feel like I start having bad days when things start to mess in my room! You need a clean environment for clean thoughts! But yeah, after cleaning, hot water bottle, tea and things to watch!
8. What type of music is your favourite? I like anything, literally. I'm into cheesy summer songs at the moment! 
9. Which season do you love the most? I love the summer. I do like winter though, i find it too long though! I love the long nights, cosy evening, jumpers etc! 
10. Where is the #1 place you'd like to visit? Tokyo. 
11. What's your favourite product to splurge on? Probably like a nice lippy that would stay on a long time. But i don't 
splurge as I'm on a student budget! 

My nominations!
♡ RosyChicc

My Questions!
1. Do you prefer painting your nails yourself or getting them done?
2. What are your future Aspirations?
3. Favourite make-up brand? (High-end and High-street)
4. Favourite fragrance? 
5. Favourite things to read on blogs and watch on youtube?
6. What is the best cheapest product you own?
7. Worst quality about a person?
8. A quote that motivates/inspires you? 
9. If you could live with one product for a month, what would it be?
10. If you could live someone's life for a day, who would it be?
11. Favourite Tea flavour?

Here it is! I had so much fun! Let me know if you guys answer my questions as there were a few cheeky selfish questions that I'd love to know the answers to (aka tea) heehe

P.s My twitter has changed! 
Though as always,
Lots of love
                                                                         ♡ ♡ ♡


  1. Replies
    1. That's okay! I was so pleased to get nominated, I love tag posts when I've actually been tagged hehe! I can't wait to see your answers! xx

  2. Your boyfriend is better than mine ahahah ... you should do the boyfriend tag ... like we did check it out!!

    1. Thank you for the idea! My boyfriend is quite supportive of me blogging, so I may just convince him to do that! Thanks for the suggestion!! xxx

  3. I just realise that I was supposed to tag people who have got under 200 followers, but I just done it to the blogs I really like! Sorryyyy! I hope it's still all okay haha