The new kid on the block: Vitamin E Sorbet Moisturiser ♡

Hello hello hello. I'm here with a super super super duper exciting product (for me anyway). I just fell in love with this light weight, hydrating moisturiser. (And no I'm not being sponsored or anything).  If you're after plump, matte and hydrating moisturiser then keep on reading!

If you bought this, you may or may not notice that it's a little bit textured. Well before you ask, no it is not 'gone off' it's actually the aqua sphere technology it contains. But don't panic because it doesn't affect the way your skin looks when you put makeup on! (I told you it's great) It actually feels extremely smooth! If you want to see how this works underneath makeup or when applied click HERE. What is aqua sphere technology you may ask?... WELL. (Let's test my memory) There are 2 million Aqua Spheres in one sorbet pot that absorb oils and actives. Once you put it on your skin, you feel 'something' well these are the aqua spheres and they basically act like reservoirs on your skin, which means that moisture and hydration is released slowly and overtime giving you that 24 hour hydration we all lust for in the summer! It also contains menthol which gives you a cooling sensation and also contains mattifing properties! LIKE WHAAAAT? I feel so much better when I have this on, mainly due to the cooling sensation I really do love this product! Especially as it can be used both at day and night!

This little guy is absorbed by your skin immediately, so no need to worry about greesy feeling or waiting for ages for it to absorb before putting on makeup! It became a huge staple in my skincare routine so I would highly recommend at least getting a sample to try it as I'm in no doubt that you will come back for the real thing! Oh did I meant ion it's for all skin types? That's right, any of you beautiful ladies can enjoy this product. As you see I don't do that many reviews, but I couldn't stay quiet about this one. I.LOVE.IT.

Have you guys tried this yet? What do you think, because I cannot say more good things about this... Did I go OTT? OTT is kinda my thing. But I don't know I feel like a mum who's kid got their first A in an English test or something and you know they're like proper proud and praise their kids? Well yeah feel like that.. NOT that I have kids.. Urgh anyway, moving on! But LET ME KNOW! This little guy is from THE BODY SHOP!




  1. Thanks for the review, I´ll definitely try this one out! Have only tried the mist and the eye cream and so far I’m really liking this series ^^

    Z ♥

    1. That's ok lovely! You should let me know how you will get on with it, I'm curious what others think of it!! Oh yes I used to use the eyecrem, but stopped as I wanted to try something else out, but I always have that little tube hehe :P

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