Smart Glam Nails 14 day stick on manicure

Perfect stick on nails
How many times have you looked at your claws and just went 'urgh, ew'? I mean who doesn't want to feel put together all the time? Sure,  it's all well and good to nip to a salon grab a facial and get those... if you have the dolla. But if you're like me; a poor little student you might be wrecking your brains on the daily basis... How to look good perfectly mediocre and put together when you're just not? Well girl, I got you.

Let's talk: Will I ever feel confident?

How to feel confident

How to feel confident? Will I ever feel confident? What a question aye? I hope you didn't click on this hoping to find a secret recipe, they don't exist. Whether you're old, young or somewhere in between, the topic seem to haunt us, and here is what I have to say...