Tell them that it's my birthday, when I party like that ♡

Hellooo, so lately I've been posting a lot of lifestyle posts. As it was my birthday I obviously had a lot going on and I'm excited to share this exciting, stepping into adulthood 'journey' as some may call it. Like I said, I've been distracted with my birthday and going out using up my vouchers etc and being pampered and utterly spoilt by everyone! So distracted I haven't done any work for college!! Last night I got in at 5am.... OOOPSS. Having to work a double shift today, that may not have been such a brilliant idea after all. However I'm feeling fine today. I had a 3 hour break before that I was going to use to write some essays.. But of course the internet in costa HAD to not work, and start working half an hour before I have to go! This post is coming from me sitting in costa and editing my birthday pictures! Kind of productive isn't it?

So that was my wonderful Saturday, spent with people I care about (Belated birthday lunch). On Saturday morn, I spent with my lovely boyfriend. Then met my girlies for lunch, which I got treated for. Received soo many cute presents as you can see. Had a facial and my eyebrows done and went home to get ready! Had a few pre drinks with my best friend and boyfriend and met another best friend later on. I know you must be thinking who spends their 18th with only 4 people all together. The reason being that everyone bailed on me. One thing that this has showed me is that it's quality of friends not quantity of them. I can honestly say I had a really good nigh with the other 3 people all of which made lots of effort to make my birthday special and I'm very grateful to have found out true friends!

As always,
I love you lots

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