From Head to Toe: Solutions for ALL the dry bits.

Hey you, so today I decided to come to your saviour (yeah me, I know) and let you guys know about bits I have been using to keep my body as a whole hydrated and nourished though out this horrid rainy weather! In fact, the title is quite deceiving because I don't have a hair mask or anything like that, so technically it's face to toe, but we will just ignore that part.

For the face- So I just had to let go of my Vitamin E aqua boost moisturiser, which I'm not going to lie to you, was pretty darn painful. because I loved that thing. Though when the skies get gloomy, winds get colder and the temperatures hit the all time low, the skin gets the sting and well, you gotta have something extra moisturising. These two little Lancome sample pot moisturisers, both day and night creams. But two tiny pots go a very long and they have been giving my skin just the right amount of moisture, they soak in quickly and have been good all rounders which also include SPF (not that sun is an issue in the UK at this time though)! You may notice that they are for anti-ageing, but remember- you can prevent the wrinkles from appearing, but once they're there, they're there. 

For the lips: So I picked this no fuss lip balm that will suit everyone as it's not fruitily scented or doesn't have a distinct smell at all- though that gentle nivea smell is present. This has kept my lips super moisturised and chapped free. Just when I feel the chapped lips are around the corner, this has saved me! I love how buttery they are, yet once they're on you don't really notice! 

For the Body: I got two products for all over body moisture and that is The Body Shop Wild Argon Body Lotion which smell divine and like proper autumn would! I would recommend using the scrub, to get rid of any dry skin and ensure the moisture sinks in well. I can't recommend this range enough to you guys and I'm lusting for the Body Butter too! It's perfect as a morning body moisturiser if you get dry bits. Just hop out of the shower, pop a little all over the body and you're ready to go. I love this lotion because it's not sticky and you can therefore wear your clothes straight away! 
The second thing I want to mention is this very sexy Pure Seduction Body Butter by Victoria Secret. It has definitely made me feel sexier and more confident, I don't know what it is about VS in general, that whatever you buy from there it's like an instant umpf to the confidence levels. The scent itself is quite sweet, but i've been loving this after the evening showers, just because of the way it feels. The two scents are extremely different, which is why I included it. The first is more subtle and nutty and the second is very fruity and sweet. For some reason the VS body butter for me seems appropriate for all seasons, even though I thought it would be a purely summer scent!  Enough of the rambles though, let's move on! 

For the Elbows and more: Got those crusty knees and elbows? I know sounds gross, but girls it happens and if it happens. I GOT YOU GURL! The Body Shop Miracle Solid Oil is for hair and body and I love using this on any dry bits in general. I love it for my hair (I guess I lied when I lied when I said I have nothing for the hair), for elbows, knees and even my cuticles and as a hand cream in general! I was really hesitant to use it on my hair at first but get some out massage it into your hands and when you happy with the consistency run it through your hair! Not too much though! Just like with the lotion, IT SMELLS GORGEOUS! You just need this all rounder in your life! 

For the Cuticles: So I've been using this Lush Cuticle Butter since mid year college aka about 1 year and 3/4. And I've been loving it and repurchasing it. Although it may look a little funny because i used to use the lid for when I paint my nails for like flowers etc, so when I removed the nail varnish blobs it left the white stuff! ANYHOW, it's called lemon flutter and like it says, it's basically a cuticle cream. Don't know about you, but whether it's summer or winter my cuticles need constant TLC! I will say that it does leave your hands greasy for a while, but I carry this in my bag now and I've been using it throughout the day and it hasn't been too much of a problem :) 

For the feet: Okay so I included this Heel Genius by Soap and Glory in my october favourites that i filmed, but unfortunately I wasn't happy with the way the video turned out when I came to edit it, and filming another one was too late (youtube here). But basically this is something that you HAVE to have no matter whether you suffer from dry feet or not. Lemme tell you why. Right, do you ever go out in heels, being one of those 'I will not take my heels and walk bare foot even if my feet bleed' kinda girls, do you ever go out and when it rains your feet get soaking wet, you come back and they just feel like they need that so min' sum in' or are they just pure and simply dry and need a little TLC? Well then girl, you. need. this. I can't tell you how much you need it! It basically just magically repair your feet whether it's heel problems or that horrid feeling after your feet have felt hypothermic (you know that firework night, when you just get cold and wet and even hot chocolate doesn't even help) anyway, point of the story, you need this! It also worked amazing on my gads, and it smells good too! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if it was helpful to you guys?! Don't forget to follow me on twitter, bloglovin and subscribe to my youtube and all of the other shenanigans will be linked right here under this! I luuuuv you.

Angelika xoxo

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