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Hey guys, here as promised on a wednesday! Okay, before I start...  Have you seen PLL?! If you have, I've just finished and it has left me mentally unstable and I AM having an emotional breakdown. WHAT IS GOING ON?!! I can't comprehend what happened in that episode. I've already ranted about 6 times in the space of 10 minutes about this whole thing. But I literally cannot cope! 
Anyway. I wanted to share with you the things I've been loving. Like the Wednesday Wows Glow of Grace does on youtube. I don't have THAT many, but what I have I really have been loving, and didn't want to just pick out for the sake of it!! So let's jump in... (But seriously... wHaT JuSt HaPpEnEd in that EPISODE, can you tell I'm shocked?) 

Okay so I'll just go across through the products in no particular favourite order or anything!
♡ *The Body Shop Colour Glide 06 Lipstick and The Vanilla Gloss- Go hand in hand as I've been wearing this combination every day ever since I've bought it! The lipstick very buttery and therefore moisturising. The Body Shop Products really do help communities as the fair trade marula oil which the lipstick contains is from Eudafano Women.s co-operative in Namibia where the women say that the project goes beyond the money earn and that they get more valuable things out of it such as empowerment and sense of independence! This colour is very subtle, dewy shine, but I love the browny nude lip at the moment. It looks even better (and tastes) with the vanilla glass which smells GORGEOUS! 
The Body Shop Shimmer cubes in 06- I've featured this in my post here and in other posts before, and again, I've been wearing this everyday a lot of the time tis month. I love how versatile it is and you can actually create quite a few looks with this, and I find shimmery cubes like that, the lightest colour in the inner corners really make you look more awake, and I don't know why some people are scared of shimmery eyeshadows! I personally think they're the best for making your eyes look more awake! Every make up product contains marula oil, and this one again is sourced from the same place as above! These also last absolute ages! I've just been loving the nude look as a transformative look into spring! The sun reflects these eyeshadows really beautifully I noticed! Has anyone else? NO? Just me then. 
The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter- I've been having the worst chapped lips in the universe! I kept trying different lip balms at work and I took a fancy to this one a bought it. This is what has made my lips better! I wish I had a picture to show you of my lips before. Containing community fair trade bees wax and shea butter. I really love this and keep in beside my bed. Literally use it every night and morning. Have I mentioned how devine this smells? I need more of this range in my life! 
Q&A 5 Year Journal- I've been loving filling this little guy out. You've probably heard it before as it's featured in literally every video on youtube, so I won't go into it. But I really like that it makes me reflect on my day, and has questions that I actually have to think about and then sends me off on this philosophical day dream haha! LOVE IT
WeightWatchers Refreshing Still Juice Drink- I bought this as the things in it caught my eye. It contains Brazilian orange, watermelon and mango. How amazing does that sound? I've been loving this drink as it tastes of summer. I'm not even kidding it literally tastes of summer! I highly recommend trying this if you're looking for something that is healthy, tasty and refreshing! 
Rimmel Nail Rescue- I think I found my first ever holy grail product and it is this. I honestly don't know what I would have done without it. I remember the fist time I had my gelish nails done, my nails were breaking, and chipping, peeling, they were all over the place. At the time I couldn't afford a sally hansen nail care product, so I found this. I like live by this today and everyone who I told about this can't stop using this. It made my nails so much stronger, so much longer and like literally mended my nails. I just can't say enough about it! In my valentines post here you guys complimented on my nails, and I kid you not it's because of this baby. I now use it for my base coat all the time, despite the instructions! 
Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Super Volume Mascara- I've been trying out this mascara, that I wasn't really fussed about because it was in a Soap and Glory set I got for christmas. I took a picture of the brush because it's very old school, classic mascara brush that I've simply fallen in love with! It makes my lashes look very voluminous, but if you use this mascara rightly (route to tip) it can make them look also really thick! Again something I haven't stopped using. 
MAC Eye/Lip lLiner Pencil- It doesn't tell me the shade but it's the colour of like a red brick. I swatched it on my had above, and it's just so buttery and lovely. This is a bit of a cheat product as I've only re discovered it like a few days ago, but it was love at second sight. I've been wearing this on my lips with the lipstick and the gloss mentioned above along with the shimmer cubes. I don't lie when I say these products are the ones i've been loving and wearing everyday! 
Claires iPhone 5 case- HOW CUTE IS MY CASE? I just had to include it. I have nothing to say about it, but I love it and it's so me. Several people have pointed out its lil e'you on a case' haha! 
I'm not being sponsored, paid or asked to say or mention the things I have. I've written a disclaimer about where I work which is The Body Shop, but I'm not pid to say anything, I'm just a customer consultant and it just so happens that I've accumulated and have been loving their products. ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN, always will be. I wouldn't mention the products I have if I didn't love them. That's the point of this post! 

P.s My twitter has changed! 
Though as always,
Lots of love
                                      ♡ ♡ ♡


  1. I've never tried any make up from the body shop but they all sound lovely! May have to give some of their lippies a try :) Lovely post!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. I always used their skin care, but I don't think I would have found out how good their make up was if I didn't work there! But because of the Marula oil, it means you can layer the makeup and it won't look layers or cakey! Thank you for popping by!! xoxox

  2. AMAZING, love that lip color :)

    1. Thank you chick!! It looks better on minus the scaring on my chin hehe!! xoxo