Prestige Flowers: a luxury bouquet for your loved one.

Hello everyone! I'm back with another post and this one is all about flowers! So I was very kindly sent the most beautiful bunch of flowers from Prestige Flowers in a massive box, which you may or may not have seen on my instagram story, and if you don't follow me here it is, oh (and you get free choc... Umm, Hell Yeah!)

Gin Explorer and a cheeky giveaway!

Back in December I found an e-mail in my inbox, which lured me to open it pretty quickly, because who wouldn't when it's to do with gin?! Now if you know me, you will  know that I'm very big on gin and I almost always order it at the bar, so you could imagine how excited I was when they asked me to review their December box!

17 ways to make 2017 better

Hello lovelies and H-A-P-P-Y 2017!! I mean we're 11 days in, so the novelty of the new year is wearing off, but alas, I still want to bring you a few things that I want to do in 2017 to improve 2016.

Recently I've just been so happy and I can already see this year being better or more specifically more successful than 2016. Also, can we just saviour this moment because this time next year I will be STRESSING the hell out about grad schemes. Ok, moment over because I don't even want to think about it.

Right, now I want you to decide that 2017 will be your best year yet. Go on... Say it. 2017 WILL be my best year yet. Well done, and with that let's jump in!