It was a Zara kind of day ♡

Hey guys, excuse le absence! Busy this, busy that. You've heard it all before. College units coming to the end, work, homework etc etc. But really, this post was half done a lawwwwng time ago, I just needed a little bit more time to do... the other half, ya get me? Well if ya get me, get ready with me? Oh lord what am I talking about.. All of these rhymes. ON THE BALL! Anyway. I've got everyday makeup look I pretty much always wear, minus the babyskin and the foundation, and the L'oreal eye line that I hate and I'm trying to use up! A few of these products are new that I'm trying out, aka baby skin and the new foundation. I quite like the foundation, though I think the description is misleading, so let me know if you want a review!!

But of course, no morning can be started without a cup of black coffee..And can we just stop for a second and observe my cute mug? 1. Yeah you can stop now. 

♡. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee!
♡. Cleanse. Blemish Control. Moisture
♡. Prime and Erase pores.
♡. Foundation. I used Eco Brush. 
♡. Conceal.
♡. Matte it. Set it. Gotta control le oils!
♡. Prime those lids.
♡. Using Virgin on the whole lid and Darkhorse in the crease and the outer corners. 
♡. Blend. Blend. Blend.
♡. Curl the lashes.
♡. Using a black pencil liner, line the upper lash line, I won't say where this one is from as I don't recommend it. 
♡. With a black eyeliner, do a wing. Again, I don't like this eyeliner, it turns out too shiny and I don't like it.
♡. Over the top, I pat some eyeshadow that is already on the brush that carries 'virgin' and pat that over to make it more natural. You can also use a brown liner for that effect, but I couldn't find mine!
♡. Mascara
♡. Rockateur on the apples of the cheek. I love the subtleness of this, it looks super natural on. But I also use it to go out and I build it up.
♡. Tap B.Vibrant shade lightly, and go over with a nude lip gloss. I really don't know what shade this is. I got it in a magazine #honesty

Sweater: Zara. OBSESSED. (Hauled HERE)
Scarf: Portabello Market
Leggings: Lithuania
Shoes: Primark
Thought it was very weather appropriate for the UK! I love finding out about new bblogs and fblogs. So if you have one LINK ME UP!

As always,
I love you lots


  1. I love how you edit your photos, like you fade in different images! It looks so nice! Really like your makeup here too and the 2 eyeshadow colours together look so pretty and effortless. Your jumper is gorgeous too, as is your scarf! x

    Kathryn |

    1. Thank you so much! I was looking for feedback for ages about the blending into photo's! It means so so much that you took time to make your comment thorough! lots of love! <3 xoxo THANK YOU

  2. You're soooo pretty, I LOVE your hair! and your photo editing techniques are so cute and different from so many other bloggers. Keep up the good work, you are a natual beauty :) xox

    1. Thank you so much hunny bun!! I'm glad you enjoy the fading! I was thinking people may not like it! Aw thank you it's only next day bun hair haha! Thank you so much for popping by!!! xoxox