White Stuff.

I think everyone is obsessing over all white outfits recently, including me. I have been for a while, they're just so crisp and chic. The other day I wore this outfit for shopping, which was creamy but still very light and I really liked that, so of course I had to stop my friend and ask her to take pictures. We both almost missed our busses/ trains but at least I have a blog picture!

My first year of university: 15 Tips and Lessons learnt!

What an academic year it has been. Like always, there were the ups and downs, but for me by far, the ups have outweighed the downs.

For most of us, university is a very drastic change. From being at home, as independent as we think we were, we just were not. For the majority, living away gives so much independence but with that comes responsibility. Like.. What even is laundry? Who’s Mr.Muscle? The ‘Hi mum how do you….’ Will be a frequent conversation starter. Nonetheless, all of that becomes some of the best and most amazing memories you make.