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So, I went to Birmingham for a Uni open day. We had some time to squeeze in shopping.However, as it's not the end of the month yet, although very close to it, my bank account was suffering. Even so, I couldn't pass the opportunity to hit some shops and declare complete bankruptcy with about 3 pounds left to my name  afterward until the last Friday of the month. For what it's worth, my little affair with the 'Bullring' shopping centre. ♡♡♡

White Shirt from Forever21 £12.Something- I love this, I love how nice it looks being half tucked in, giving a more edgy feel, and how it looks laid back untucked and will look neat when it's all around tucked in. It's also long at the back so you can style it with leggings and long boots, when the weather chills flip flops or flats. endless ways! I've also tucked one side of the collar in, just to show you the versatility. Honestly, best invention ever! 

Skort from Primark £10- Okay, let's take a minute to look and observe this beautifully patterned, any time of the season staple piece for just a tenner. Compared to everywhere else where it's £25 and not less. Look at it. Admire it. Buy it. No more words needed. 

Jumper from Zara £12.99 gone down from £45.99- Who would even be stupid enough to pass this jumper and SUUUUUCH a bargain? I love it so much, it's so cosy and baggy and again, versatile. It's still full frontal winter where I live, and will probably be so until at least May, although last year April was pretty poor! So sweaters are still allowed to buy! I'm in love with it! 

Jumper from Top Shop £20 from £39- How cute is the colour? I love this jumper too, again so cosy. I've chosen a medium size as I love how it droops! I've been looking for long things at the back like the shirt and the jumpers purely because I have nothing that I could wear with leggings! And I don't see how girls wear leggings with cropped tops, I mean you have to be pretty confident and pretty perfect to do that. Or girls, if you do wear them with cropped tops without long cardi's, please, please please bend down in front of the mirror in your own privacy. 

Jumper from Primark £14- Awww how adorable is this? I love the neckline, and the little kisses, perfect. It's not so warm, quite light weight. But I bought this because I think it would go well with the skirts hanging unworn! I just think it's soooo adorable! 

Coffee Cup from Primark £2.50- I always always always need a coffee, I don't know what these are called, I use them for coffee hence the name, I had one that was porcelain I thing and was easily broken. This one seems like no fuss and been treating me well and I love it! It's perfect for on the go or when you go out on little walks with your dog etc. It's also so cute and adorable! 

Yankee Candles £19.00- They  were 19 pounds together, I the medium sized one has 20% off and the small winter one was reduced. But yeah. The green one smells soooooo good, smells literally of summer goodness and topicality. I'm going to save it until spring kicks in and I've burnt my other beautiful candles, I don't think it's appropriate to burn this one yet. I bought the wintery one because it just smells subtle and fresh and not christmassy at all. That time of the year is clearly gone, and I just didn't want anything like that. I think this one is good to burn at any time of the year really, it just smells good. They also have  HUUUUUGELY long burning power, so very pleased with this! 

B. Vibrant from Supersrug- I cannot remember how much this was, around 4 pounds? I can't remember currently on offer. But I love it so much. It's so so creamy and very pigmented. I was so surprise when literally with one stroke across my lips, it gave the full colour. This shade is called PROM  and it's the perfect nudy pink colour for my lips. I've been looking for one for so long and they all seem to wash me out. But I absolutely love this one! 

Did you buy anything send me a link, I'd love to see what you have bought! You may 'Angelika how can you be in one of the biggest shopping malls and have bought so little?' Well I've been on a serious budget, so yeah. Life Happens. E.g still recovering from christmas. 

Love Love Love

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