Out with the old in with the New

So in my last post, I showed you guys some skincare bits that I got. Today I'm sharing some of the make up bits I grabbed in the sales. Only a few of the things I tried and therefore can give you an insight if you're thinking of purchasing! I'm going to jump right in and not blab on which is my tendency like all the time.. (See almost lost it there)

New Bits and First Impressions.

Hey everyone. I wanted to bring you a few of my favourite things I scored during the sales. This will be skincare related that I wanted to share, because I'm ether really excited to try them or I've really enjoyed using them! So here we go! 

2015 Goals Blogging Edition!

In my previous post you have seen my life style goals (here), I now want to introduce you to blogging goals. I always tell myself that I will do this and I will blog then and then, or I will blog 3 times a week and it never happens. I therefore want to make hardcore coals, engraved in my blog as evidence in order to achieve them. Don't get me wrong, I don't even have 1,000, hell, not even 500 followers so you may be like hey why are you giving us these tips. Well, basically these will be more of how I aim to achieve my blogging goals and who knows where I'll be after sticking to them?!

2015 Goals and How to Achieve them! Lifestyle Goals.

Okay, so my 2014 wasn't that exciting apart from some events that occurred. So, making resolutions and goals for 2015 is really important o me. I also never felt like I'm feeling now at the start of a new year. This year I really feel like I want to make an effort to change my lifestyle. I'm living by myself and I'm building a life for myself, so yeah, I really feel like this is the year that I will really make an effort to stick to these goals. So lets jump in!