Bronze Me Summer Make-Up Look ft. NEW Tea Tree bb CREAM!

Hello hello my fellow friends! 

I HAVE A VERYYYYY EXCITING PRODUCT to feature here from the title you might have guessed, but YES The Body Shop has released the very Tea Tree BB cream! YAY. 
But first let me show you just how amazeblass this little guy is with a little summer makeup tutorial!
When you are breaking out with spots or having bad skin days, you cake on the makeup, though that isn't bringing any benefits to your skin, the better thing to do is to avoid make-up at all. BUT what if I told you that there is a product that would give you coverage and fights blemishes? 



1.   Of course ensure your skin is moisturised. 
2.  Apply The Body Matte Primer (Or any face Primer) 
3. Apply the BB cream
4. Favourite Powder. I used the Rimmel True match translucent powder.
5. Apply your fave concealer in a triangle. I'm using the Erase Paste by Benefit.

6. Apply some Bronzer and your favourite Blush and also a highlighter! Mine are all from The Body Shop.
7. Apply a light shimmery colour all over the lid, I'm using the Shimmer Cube palette in the quad. 
8. Grab your favourite mist and spray a flat top brush and dip it into 'Half Baked' from Naked 1 palette. I usually use a mist as it's glitter based so it would grip more. 
9. I have then applied 'Smog' from the same palette with a soft fluffy blending brush and took it from the inner corners right to the outter and the edge too. 
10. Apply your fave mascara!  

The BB comes in 3 different shades, but the light one was too light and the 2nd shade was really really dark. BUT this BB does blend in seamlessly and once I took it down my neck it seems okay (picture above) It's a BB cream so it's not a full coverage foundation, but it does a good job of being really good coverage and it lasted me a good 6-7 hours! WOOOWW. I do have to say that it starts out really creamy and blendable, but then it does dry quickly so be sure to blend in quickly! It sinks in and leaves your skin super matte and gorge.


I hope you enjoy the Look! As you can see it gives a decent coverage and I think I found my HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT! Spot Correcting BB with coverage? YES PLEASE

P.s do read my disclaimer, I work at my local Body Shop as a sales assistant/ consultant and I'm not getting payed for anything other than that, NOT for mentioning products.

Lots of Loveeee!!

♡ ♡ ♡

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