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If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I was on a spending ban for the month of April. It went amazing, I din't buy ANYTHING beauty/ fashion related. Being on the spending ban has actually taught me to discipline myself. But hey, discipline wears off, Summer is around the corner and when it comes to summer, many say there are no boundaries. You can put the 'no boundaries' in the sense of buying or the sense of experience.. Ether way, I'm blabbing on and not making much sense, just a load of random thoughts splurged out whilst typing. ANYWAY, point is that at the moment I am indeed disciplined and didn't actually buy a tonne of things the first day I got off the ban! That might be due to the current lack of money in my pocket or the actual discipline. Though I guess we will find out when I start earning more dolla! 
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This really cute dusty pink quad is amaze balls. So pretty, and with the grey you can really make it night appropriate. i think the quads at The Body Shop are really cool and you can get so many different looks with them! 

So I bought two eye roll on creams. GOSH and The Body Shop pomegranet range, in hope that I can use the GOSH in the day as it's illuminating, and I will be so exited to try it out and the Pom one in the eking.. They are both roll on though, seems strange to use roll on in the night! AH well!  

Can we take a second to see how edible this Blueberry body scrub is?.. It looks like yummy name stuffed in a pot! Although, WARNNING, if you eat it you might die.. So please don't!  Honestly if you don't have this in your life, I don't know what you're still doing.

I've tried this fragrance oil in the shop, spray form, but never in oil, and i'm still burning my pomegranate and raspberry one, so i've not tried it just yet!!

 I took a bunch of samples as my skin has been a little sensitive really and I wanted to choose the best things and if I reacted well to these so far so I will be buying the full sizes!
I've been having super dull skin recently, and no sun here so no naturally occurring vitamins to brighten my skin up. I thought I will try this instead of the usual seaweed scrub I use as our customers love it!

I went to the car boot and I only bought these two things, the platter was only 50p!!! And the flowers were 10p for a bunch, I bought 5 bunches! It's crazy what you can find at a car boot, my window cill really appreciates my buys!

  Unfortunately, UK is not summer clothes appropriate yet, so I decided not to buy summery clothes or even those spring pieces, because let's face it, by the time the actual sun comes out, the clothing rails will be changed 10 times and the 'spring/summer' clothes you bought will have replacements ya know! BUT I did find this UK spring appropriate bright jumper in the sale. It's so perfect for our seater and adds a pop of colour to an outfit. I love paring this with back skinnies, although I bet it will look gorge with white and various skirts/shorts. Especially in the summer, when it gets a little chilly in the evening!!

That's it from me today, revision, come at me brother!

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Lots of Loveeee!!

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  1. Ohh let us know what that gosh roller ball is like! Looks lovely :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I will for sure.. I don't know if I'm using it properly, but it doesn't seem that 'illuminating' But you will see this again whether in a disappointing or favourite section :P Thank you for popping by!! xoxox