Neutral but cosy ♡

Heyy guys! Guess what, I'm here determined to keep up with my blogging routine! Please tell me I'm doing well?! Haha! Anyway, one morning before college me and my friend decided to grab some tea (why is saying that sounds so strange??) WELL, we got some tea ether way and had a quick run around the shops as we do usually! We had around an hour and it flew by so quickly! I've captured an outfit here, hopefully the quality will not be extremely bad, but thank you Sandra for taking them for me! 

How to: Clearer Skin in 3 steps ♡

Hey guys! I think whether it's winter or summer, sometimes we just break out. So I'm not an expert and I'm not saying that this post means you will never breakout if you do these steps! BUT I do know quite a fair bit about the skin itself, working in The Body Shop, therefore I wanted to share my knowledge! 

Disco Loving ♡

Hellooo ladies! If you follow me on twitter, you probably know, that I was going to blog yesterday, but passed out on my pillow instead! BUT don't threat as I had a very exciting evening for once! I went to a roller Disco, and omg it was so much fun! You can see what I wore down bellow! 
♡ ♡ ♡ 

With those funny little things ♡

Hey guys, here as promised on a wednesday! Okay, before I start...  Have you seen PLL?! If you have, I've just finished and it has left me mentally unstable and I AM having an emotional breakdown. WHAT IS GOING ON?!! I can't comprehend what happened in that episode. I've already ranted about 6 times in the space of 10 minutes about this whole thing. But I literally cannot cope! 
Anyway. I wanted to share with you the things I've been loving. Like the Wednesday Wows Glow of Grace does on youtube. I don't have THAT many, but what I have I really have been loving, and didn't want to just pick out for the sake of it!! So let's jump in... (But seriously... wHaT JuSt HaPpEnEd in that EPISODE, can you tell I'm shocked?) 

Springspiration: Ringa ringa roses ♡

Hello guys, long time no see?! A week exactly! I need to let you guys know a couple of things before we jump in. First being the fact that you know, onc eyou miss the blog due post you keep putting it off and off and off until you get yourself together and do it. However once I was 2 days behind I was like I can't come back with a review post (although I do love them) but I wanted something a little more fun and exciting to do, especially when I had nothing in particular I wanted to review Whatever. Point is I came up with like a series I suppose called 'Springspiration' had had, spring inspiration... I know I'm quite the hilarious type. Linked into that, second thing I wanted to say is that I've decided to aim and post every Wednesday and Sunday, as I believe I can commit to those day most! Other than those days, I may have more posts up on a 'Try something Thursday or Tuesday' or anything if I feel like blogging about anything else, I may post on a Friday, which is unlikely as I'm usually working. ANYWAY. 

If you click HERE you will find my nail care and nail routine. Other than that, let's jump in! 

Oh the city Love..♡

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence but you may have guessed there would be from my previous post. Anyway, please don't think that I'm posting these life style kinda posts because I have nothing else to blog about cause it's not at all the case. I love sharing the crappy photos I took of the city. We didn't have a lot of time so there aren't many photos to share. However, we did go to a lovely cafe in Knightsbridge to visit a Russian Orthodox church and I took the opportunity to find BRANDY MELVILLE! Slightly disappointed though as the stuff seems perfect there for the kind cold spring, and the colours were wintery too, so I only managed to grab one thing :(. Hope you all enjoy my little experience! 

Of course starting off with a coffee, always seems like a good idea! 

Got my eyes wide open ♡

Hello Lovies! Here I come to you with my travelling outfit. I live so far away from the whole world, deprived to the max, not to mention any university I want to go to. If I decide to go to an open day, it has to be a 3 day thing otherwise the money spent on traveling isn’t worth actually travelling. Unless of course you visit shops on the way. After all, a woman needs to feed her cravings no matter how much they’re worth… Right? Well, at least that’s my excuse for skipping two days of college. Good enough? Anyway, the purpose of this post is to give an idea to all my lovely ladies who are also in my situation and going on uni visit days or perhaps simply travelling to wherever you need to be.