Springspiration: Ringa ringa roses ♡

Hello guys, long time no see?! A week exactly! I need to let you guys know a couple of things before we jump in. First being the fact that you know, onc eyou miss the blog due post you keep putting it off and off and off until you get yourself together and do it. However once I was 2 days behind I was like I can't come back with a review post (although I do love them) but I wanted something a little more fun and exciting to do, especially when I had nothing in particular I wanted to review Whatever. Point is I came up with like a series I suppose called 'Springspiration' had had, spring inspiration... I know I'm quite the hilarious type. Linked into that, second thing I wanted to say is that I've decided to aim and post every Wednesday and Sunday, as I believe I can commit to those day most! Other than those days, I may have more posts up on a 'Try something Thursday or Tuesday' or anything if I feel like blogging about anything else, I may post on a Friday, which is unlikely as I'm usually working. ANYWAY. 

If you click HERE you will find my nail care and nail routine. Other than that, let's jump in! 


0. BASE COAT. Use this to protect the nail from as well as protecting it from staining and helping the lasting power! 

1. Two coats of your favourite white nail varnish

2. Use a pale pink colour to make stripes on your pinky (faded stripes then do so with white, so they look washed out), middle and thumb. I used a super thin painting brush. If your likes aren't straight as mine clearly are not. You can wait until the nail varnish dries and go over the bits where you've gone too thick over with a White colour!

3. Use a dotting tool (mine is from ebay) and depending on the thickness you want dot it on the ring and your index finger. You can also use a toothpick with some blue tack dipping it into nail varnish! 

4. Make 3 red dots along the bottom of your nail, above the cuticle.

5. Add some pink and white and swirl it around with a toothpick or the thin side of the dotting tool. Keep doing his until you achieve your desired rose look. 

6. Add some leafs, I so the one leaf up one diagonally across down, then both down and then both up with a green varnish and a bit of green in the middle.

7. Finish off with a top coat to aid drying of the varnish and help the lasting power! 

YOU'RE DONE! It took me an hour to do this, barring in mind I was watching a movie and drinking tea! I personally think it's totally worth it because I got so many compliments! I'm not a pro, so please don't judge me haha! 

P.s My twitter has changed! 
Though as always,
Lots of love
                                      ♡ ♡ ♡

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