Out with the old in with the New

So in my last post, I showed you guys some skincare bits that I got. Today I'm sharing some of the make up bits I grabbed in the sales. Only a few of the things I tried and therefore can give you an insight if you're thinking of purchasing! I'm going to jump right in and not blab on which is my tendency like all the time.. (See almost lost it there)

Okay, so firstly, I will be talking about the soap and glory pencils. So, I scored these 4 in in a little pouch in super drug for £7 down from £14. I know, I was gobsmacked too! I mean I know it's not like getting £300 off a bag or anything, but for the quality of these pencils, to get 4 for £7, I thought it was a big bargain and a well worth one! So what I think? They are very creamy and bendable, so I wouldn't recommend using these in your waterline, but I wouldn't use non- waterproof one in the waterline anyway. I really enjoy using these and I used all colours but the blue so far (it comes in a black too which is missing in these pics for some reason). So another great thing is that they didn't put weird combinations of unusable colours. All in all i would recommend these as they last long and very easy to use because of the creamy consistency. If you mess up it's really easy to fix too! I have swatches bellow, but you can see how they look on (here for the green) and (here for the brown). With the brown I used the smudging technique and smoked it out a little, but as you may be able to see, I used no shadow and it was just the pencil that created that look! Awesome right?!

Then I went ahead and grabbed a 3 for 2 deal on L'Oreal cosmetics. I grabbed this gorgeous red from their party collection, and I was originally hoping to get the Blake one, but this seemed to suit me more. They have minor differences in them though. This one I feel like has a blue undertone, yet looks quite warm? And it makes my teeth look really white to?! (BONUS) You might be sick of seeing red lippy, but I didn't wear near enough of it this season and to be honest it's a MUST for any night out for me anyway. The staying power without any sort of priming or lip lining is incredible. The finish is matte and it's quite drying. But that is ONLY if you don't wear a lip balm under it. I personally always put lip balm. It's part of my morning routine so I had no trouble! I wouldn't hesitate to re-purchase! (AHH LOOK ISN'T IT GORGEOUS?!)

I then needed a new mascara, and this one seemed to be quite weird and interesting, so it lured me in. So, basically if you want a separating and lengthening mascara, this is your guy. But it doesn't give thickness in my opinion. So it's great for everyday use, but If you're looking a thickening mascara or so that you appear to have more lashes, I would choose something else. For everyday use this has treated me well so far. It doesn't crumble, which is a problem I tend to have. Had way through the day I would see fall out on my cheeks and this doesn't happen when using this mascara. The wand is kinda funky too right?!

I also grabbed an eyeliner, which is this super think liner and I'm sure you heard a lot about it I didn't get a close up because I used this AGES ago, and have't tried it yet, I thought I would by the time i write this and I haven't, so my memory is not jogged. Although one thing I remember is having this love hate relationship. Love because it was precise, and hate because of how quickly it ran out! 

Hope you found this helpful and I hope to see you soon!! 


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