Out with the old in with the New #2

The lighting was EVERYTHING when I took the picture displaying all the items amirate or amirate ladies?! It's such silly phrase but I can't help it, it just comes out! The reason I caught the lighting this way is because of an app called 'Magic Hour' which will literally become every bloggers and new vloggers best friend. Especially those of us who do not have the funds yet, to purchase professional lighting, this app will tell you when the sun rises and when the sun sets to give you the ultimate prime hour for photography and videos (Mimi's recommendation here)!
I wouldn't normally call a haul type post/ mini review what the title is. However, I am replacing old products with new ones and not just simply trying new products out. So just like last 'Out with the old in with the new' post here, I will share the new items I bought and what I think of them so far! So idemo! (That's let's go in Croatian... Wait, whaaat?!).... I'm weird ok?!

Bourjois 123 perfect foundation- I don't know why I haven't tried bonjour products before, I just never felt the temptation or the want. But I tried this foundation on my jaw line and I actually really liked it because it covered up my redness like no other. I read a little bit about it on the bottle and it claims to 1. cancel out dark circles with the yellow pigments. 2. Make your complexion less dull with mauve pigments and 3. cancel out redness with green pigments. And no word of a lie this foundation does what it says on the tin. The longest I worn it for, was about 9 hours, and it lasted quite well for a day time foundation. I have normal skin type and this foundation feels very light on my skin, but I feel like it's also buildable coverage. Don't take my word for it though, I wear it as an everyday as a light/ medium coverage foundation. I find it best applies with a beauty blender or fingers as a brush left stokes, for me anyway. I do really like this so far and recommend this product to be tried out if you're looking for an everyday foundation.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer- I'm sure you've heard literally every single person rant about this concealer and I'm no different. I shall spare you the time and just tell you that it's wonderful. Just trust me and a billion other bloggers that say so, ok?!

Eyeko* Skinny liquid liner- Okay, so last time I received this in a magazine I used it about 5 times and it ether ran out on me or dried out on me, which for original price tag of about £15 was ridiculous. However, I've been using this for some time now, consistency seems the same as when I used it the first time which is obviously good as it isn't drying out yet. I so far, really enjoyed this eyeliner and the lasting power is great. It applies in a thin or a thick line, whichever you like and it's super easy to use. So far I would recommend it as it comes out really blackand matte, application is SUPER easy. I find that it's because of the bar felt tip bit you use and it's not soft like other eyeliners, giving you the preciseness too! So far so good! Would I purchase it again? Probably not. Simply because I think it's too expensive for me and I found some pretty decent eyeliners that are WAY cheaper than that. Though as a liner, I can't fault it yet!

Bourjois Twist up the Volume- I think I found my favourite mascara! My butterfly mascara (here) has ran out, and this little guy intrigued me. I think the twist up action really makes a difference and it makes my eyelashes look full and voluminous. The option for the wand to be straight will add volume and when you twist it (picture below) it will give you fullness. Just like the Butterfly mascara without the twisting, all manual labour in that one!! You may need to be careful with this mascara because I find it it's not waterproof at all. For some reason, my lashes resist water quite well whichever mascara I choose to wear and If I let out a tear it doesn't go everywhere. However I think with this one you may have some troubles keeping the panda eyes away if it comes to it. The consistency is also wetter than most mascaras, however if that's not a priority for you it's a very interesting and good product to try out. I'm stuck in the middle of the butterfly mascara and this one!

L'oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit- I've been looking for nice brow products for quite some time. I didn't want it to break my bank, but I also wanted the good benefits. I was intrigued by the expensive looking packaging so I decided to give it a go. I've been using a Soap and Glory brown pencil, which was working just perfectly. However I was longing for everyday brow and the pencil was giving me quite a defined, going out look. I've been getting along with this kit very well, it comes with a powder, wax, tweezers and a mini applicator along with a spooly. It also comes with instructions that I followed, and honestly it gave me the most effortless natural looking yet defined, 'your brows but better' kinda look. I actually got asked where I had my eyebrows done just after trying it out for the first time! I thought that was well worth £9.99 price tag this product holds. I highly recommend this little guy!!!

Don't forget to head over to superdrug to score yourselves a free makeup bag when you buy 3 for 2 items! BLOODY BARGAIN!
If anyone has any more questions about the products I would gladly answer them for you ASAP :) 

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