My first year of university: 15 Tips and Lessons learnt!

What an academic year it has been. Like always, there were the ups and downs, but for me by far, the ups have outweighed the downs.

For most of us, university is a very drastic change. From being at home, as independent as we think we were, we just were not. For the majority, living away gives so much independence but with that comes responsibility. Like.. What even is laundry? Who’s Mr.Muscle? The ‘Hi mum how do you….’ Will be a frequent conversation starter. Nonetheless, all of that becomes some of the best and most amazing memories you make. 

There are a few lessons I’ve learnt along the way that I was interested in reading before I've started uni, so I hope you enjoy!

1.)  Supermarket value vodka, wine, gin, rum etc.. It will taste good eventually.

2.) Last minute coursework and essays isn't as easy as it was in school/ college.  

3.) People say you loose weigh when you go to uni. 
WRONG. Early morning take aways and McMuffins really make you put on the extra pounds.

      4.) Ready meals don't have to be your best friend
      Although they probably will be, cities have amazing markets where you can get loads of healthy food like fruit and veg for very cheap!

      5.) Save up for laundry because it cost a freaking fortune!

      6.) When you come out later than anyone else 'Catching up' Never ends well.

      7.) Drinking games destroy you.

      8.) By the end of uni, drinks become extremely expensive due to excessive drinking.
      When you drink often and a lot (and you will in your first year) by the end of the year you'll find that two single shot gin and tonics just aren't enough anymore.

      9.) If you're not a drinker, you will become one.

10.)  You meet people that become your family, and you also meet the.. Well plain and simple the b£$%*@.
People who make you feel upset, frustrated, sad, annoyed and then home sick. My advice? Move on because there are such a wide pool of amazing, amazing people out there, go find them!! 

11.)  Flatmates are not your only option
Some people are extremely lucky and bond straight away with their flat mates. However, a lot of the time friends you make in your flat will not be your friends in the long run. You’re grouped together randomly. Not by interests or subject areas, just random. I made this mistake; I thought that I have to spend time with my flat, do things with them etc. which in the end resulted in me being held back from meeting other people. Though once they made friends with other people I didn't an well I didn't have no one to hang out with (this doesn't last long YOU WILL FIND SOMEONE). Crack that shell and just talk to people during events, lectures etc. You can meet friends in the most random places.                                                                    

12.)  Don’t get too comfortable
For majority of the year I made really good friends a couple of people, that was from my floor mainly. We would always hang out and I felt comfortable. Which meant I wasn't going out making other friends! Though later on I started feeling left out, uninvited to places, it would get me down and confrontation about the issue didn’t help. I was sad, I felt alone in this big city and I just wanted to go home. I'd ring my mum and my friends from home n daily basis. After a while though I just gave up trying to fit in with them or ask about where they’re going so I can tag along. This was the best decision. Soon after that I met another group of people and started bonding with another flat, both who are so genuine and nice, they don’t do things for their own benefit, they are inclusive and warm. I now feel so grateful and lucky that I have so many friends who are genuine. But sometimes you will have to deal with people in some groups that are unpleasant, not everyone that you don't like the group won't like. This is where you become an adult and put on your happy face. No, it's not you being fake it's you thinking about others and not wanting to create a bad atmosphere.

13.)  Be who you are. 
My advice is to just do what you want and what makes you happy. Keep moving forward, don’t waste time on people that don’t want you around, don’t be who you are not. I ADMIT I’m crazy, I laugh hard, I smile a lot, I say stupid things, I don’t always understand jokes, I can be very moody, I cry, I stress, I can be extremely hyper, but guess what? So many people will love you for who you are and I promise you will get accepted just the way you are! 

14.)  Don’t be disappointed if you don’t make friends straight away. 
Honestly, I promise you. I only really started bonding with some of my neighbours/ flatmate/ course friends around the February time. I felt so lonely up to that point, I tried to remain positive but I just wasn’t making any friends. But then we started bonding and I started meeting new people and I can truly say that I feel extremely grateful and lucky to have made friends that help me, that I can call and they will just come and sit with me if I need to. That only happened when I put myself out there guys. I’m so sad that just when I really really got into the friendships, the year has come to an end! Though it's been an absolutely amazing one. Just remember.. You're never alone for too long. That being said if you lock yourself away, you will not meet anyone.   

15.) Despite everything I've written which has proven to be my experience, is true. However, all jokes aside if you just don't like drinking you can have an amazing year, meet amazing people. Remember don't do anything you don't want to do. I did't and I wasn't the 'weird one' or the 'weak one' or anything like that. Being you is the most important thing if you want to have an authentic and amazing experience at uni. It's not all a walk in the park if you've read the whole thing but it's all payed off at the end.

First and Last pictures I didn't take, they were fetched through Facebook event pages where I was tagged in. 

       I hope you thoroughly enjoyed my post, I hope to do more of these in the very near future. I hope some tips will be useful when you come to face university. It's truly amazing if you just jump into things and put yourself out there. Remember don't judge others and others won't judge you. Accept and love!

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