Every Girls Must Haves!

Hello world, taking a little break from revision to blog. I'm currently at home in Cornwall, and it's so sunny you can actually get a proper tan. Which saddens me beaches I'm stuck in doors :(. It's always the case this time of the year, when the sun is out and I have to study. Anyway, I wanted to share with you thing's I've been ether living with or couldn't live without. I believe these items should be in possession of any girl! Of course, don't go thinking I'm telling you to have exact same things otherwise it's a no go. Anyway you get the point, I will now bring you my faves.

Day time perfume. Don't know about you, but smelling good is a must for feeling confident in m eyes. If I forget to spritz perfume (I've been absolutely in love with this J'adore Dior perfume that is literally gone) I will get off a transport run home and I will spritz this on. Although it would hardly ever happen because I always have perfume in every single bag! 

Nail Nurse by Rimmel. If you don't have this product and you have trouble with brittle/ weak or breakage prone nails, you need this. Forget the expensive nail strengtheners, this £4 something will do wonders for my nails, I live by this every day. My nails have become so much stronger and I don't always need to have a nail varnish to prevent the breakage. Two coats of this is perfect. I ALWAYS recommend this for anyone who is struggling with their nails in general or after having false ones on! 

Honey Bronze Shimmer Oil. Girl, once you discover this you'll never look back. This is perfect for anyone, someone who is pale as hell (aka me) and want a little bit of colour or if you're tanned up and want a healthy glow and a very nice smelling skin. This product has been sitting on my shelve for years until I started using this and Once again, never looked back. It's like a tinted moisturiser for your body, that gives you the most amazing sheen and sexy looking shoulder/ legs. Wherever you decide to put it! It comes in two different shades I believe and this one is the darker one. They're coming out with a honey bronze actual let tint or something and GAAAAH I can't wait! Pop into your local Body Shop they've already got the testers out! 

Hoops- I never ever thought of pairing a chunky necklace with hoops. Always thought it was on or the other, but no. It looked good. To me anyway. And if I like it, well that's all that matters! 

 I've in general been head over heels with this played back outfit consisting of a plaid shirt (this one is super duper soft and long, but can be tucked in) so it's perfect for leggings or like a skirt just about peeking. With some booties.. MMM YES PLEASE! I've got bored of my coloured checkered shirt, and I swear down I will never get bored of this one. Girl, if you don't possess a shirt you hurry your ass and get one now! I do recommend a black and white one, for practical reasons and I think it's difficult to get bored of it!

Black Skinnies are a MUST MUST MUST. My favourites so far are Jamie jeans from Topshop but not the ones with rips! I love these because I can wear them 10 times and they will not stretch! My friend mentioned that the colour fades really quickly, but mine are fairly new, I think I washed them 4 times so far and thats the result! Still black :) Guys, are you feeling the flares coming back? I don't feel that trend AT ALL. I'm too short for them, but I don't generally like the way they look. Sometimes people wear them beautifully, but I hope skinny jeans won't be as difficult to find once flares dominate. 

I literally wear this chain necklace all the time and i can't even help it. It just looks good with whatever outfit I pick. Majority of my friends hate it but, hey I'm the one wearing and feeling damn good doing so! I do think this kind of piece will spice up a simple outfit, even though it's quite simple, it's still chunky and it gives a good statement! 

Black Bag. This one has been my favourite bag ever since I placed my paws on it on my birthday. I gotten it as a birthday present and I really can't get enough of it. Of course It's a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag, but any simple black bag will be fine, because sometimes no on has time to carry a huge bag consisting of mostly rubbish! 

White Shoes. I don't know why but I think white shoes or heels are just the best and I've been obsessing over white shoes for ages now! I tried to find a perfect pair ever since my new look flats stretched and became too big. I'm a little sad because I bought them and first time I wore them to the gig they got quite ruined. But I love them so much, I'm actually considering buying another pair for everyday and leave them for gigs and stuff. My love is real! I just think they go so well with any outfit, whether its a dress, skirt, skort or anything your lil heart desires to pair them with! I also like how sleek they look and well... Just why not?! 

I think this makes a perfect transition outfit as you can pair the shirt with a white tee, pop some sunnies on and you're totes good to go! Bellow are some photos of me wearing all of these pieces (pretty much) I worn this outfit I don't even know how many times in these past two weeks I'm the black and white queen!

 These last photo's were phone quality so excuseeee!

Jeans Topshop| Shirt Forever 21| Necklace Forever 21| Tee Forever21| Shoes Forever21|

Just realised a most of my items are form Forever 2.. I am not sponsored by them or anything. All out of my own money!
I hope you enjoyed this post and I bring you lots of love and kisses!



  1. So agree with the black skinnies :)
    I definitely have to get myself a white pair of flats or sandals for summer!! They would go with so many outfits.
    Nice selection of must haves, and great outfit styling!
    Your make up is so spot and you look so pretty!!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
      I need to get some more as mine got a little bit ruined, it's all about white shoes!
      Aww thank you, it was an extremely simple eye look!

      Lot's of Love <3

  2. Definitely agree with these! You are absolutely stunning!
    Rachel Coco

    1. Thank you chick you're very beautiful yourself! <3

  3. Black skinnies are a must! I wear them always, haha. Your photos are beautiful, your skin is FLAWLESS! xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. Thank you so much chick! And me, I need MORE MORE MORE! Goodness, far from flawless but thank you- working on it!!! xxxx