New Bits and First Impressions.

Hey everyone. I wanted to bring you a few of my favourite things I scored during the sales. This will be skincare related that I wanted to share, because I'm ether really excited to try them or I've really enjoyed using them! So here we go! 

 So firstly I bring you this Origins set that bought from House of Fraiser for I think it was just over £23. They are all sample sizes, but some sample sizes are pretty good and I'm SUPER excited to try the products. I would rather pend £23 and see if it breaks me out then spend that much on one product and regret it, but that's just me! 

So in the little gift set, I got one of those shopping bags in a box and these samples that included:
- Charcoal Mask (It's not even funny how excited I am to try this)
- Rejuvenating Hand Treatment (It smells really nice and after watching it, it felt really soft, and it absorbs super quickly, I might be getting a bigger size of this if I like it after properly trying!)
-GinZing Energy boosting Moisturizer I think this will be the perfect product to step into spring with. it's light smells slightly citrusy and I think my skin will really enjoy this. 
-Frothy Face Wash I haven't tried this yet, but I am reality excited to! 
-GinZing Eye Cream This will be a perfect combination with the Gin Zing moisturizer. By the time spring creeps up, I'll be done with my current eye cream and will be able to use this little guy!
-Modern Friction This is a scrub that I can tell I will be in love with and may have to purchase a bigger size. When I swatched it, I noticed it has bigger grains and feels really 'scrubby' and that's exactly what I'm looking for in a scrub. I also wiped it off my hand and bloody hell does it feel soft!
-Enriched Mineral Cream I think this is a night cream, at the moment I have so many to use up before I use this, but it feels almost fruity but still citrusy if that makes sense? Combining these products will be lush! 

I then went ahead to LUSH and bough this box set that included creams, and bits and bobs for half price on sale. But something I got really excited about is this in shower moisturiser/ scrub. After you do your business, shower gel etc., the last bit you do is grab this and you wet it and moisturise your body. It also has grains which will polish your body. I haven't tried it yet but I'm REALLY excited! 

 There is also a Honey mask I didn't get in the sale but it's super super lovely and i love this mask whenever I just want give my skin a little bit of pick me up. I've used this before and I definitely recommend this to you guys! 


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