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Hola everyone! What a busy time of the year, if you're a student you'll probably know what I mean, though I bet you're way more efficient in managing your time than I'll ever be! Anyway, I wanted to share a few of my favourites that I've been ether trying out and loving! Without further a do, without getting carried away, let's go because there is a hell of a lot to share!!


If you're a reader of mine, some of these may be familiar to you but i wanted to give another mention to these products as they were quite new when i spoke about them in my earlier posts! 

L'oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit & Bourjoirs Mascara- My opinion is still very much the same I just wanted to update you guys and re-assure you of the goodness of these two products. Still love them and still head over heels over the brow kit. For more info click here

L'oread Colour Riche Liya's Red- OMGAAAH. This is my new new new love. I'm completely obsessed with the actual colour, but more over the longevity of the lipstick. It stains your lips in a way that it looks like a matte lipstick once it's worn off. BUT it takes ages for the lipstick to actually ware off! I highly highly recommend! 

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick 145 Shocking Coral- This is such a pretty lipstick. I've been waiting for the spring and summer season to wear it. It's so beautiful. it's bright pink but it's kind of toned down compared to normal bright pink lipsticks. It looks so beautiful on pale and tanned skin and it will beautifully add a pop of colour to any outfit. I love love love wearing this when I wear my white sunnies (later in the post). This lasts an ok amount of time but you will have to reapply this. Although it doesn't stain your lips so if you forget it, you won't have a pink outline or anything! For the price this is literally amazing. I was going to invest in a YSL lipstick, but they make all the dry bits stand out and something for under £10 to work so well and dare I say better than high end is beyond me! 

The body Shop Honet Bronze Bronzer in 02- I've spoken and spoken and spoken about this all the time, but I can't help it. It's just so amazing. I have the Sleek contour palette, which makes my cheeks look dirty and goes really dark in places which annoys me and I can't use this. When I rub it in it starts to roll! NOT THIS! You can put endless amount (tried and tested just for the purpose of this post) pile this on and on and it will still be really bendable! I have to purchase it a shade darker as it doesn't show up as well when I'm tanned. This colour is perfect and I love the bronzer especially for the summer! 


Clean&Clear Morning Energy Facial Wash- This just looked funky to me so I bought it. But I really like using this in the morning as it makes my face feel really refreshed and awake due to its almost tingly sensation. It does it in a way that it feels breezy. I actually can't explain what I mean and you have to try it to know. It's been really kind on my skin too I absolutely love it.

Ester Lauder Advanced Night Repair- You've heard this a million and one times through youtube and blogs. I'm just her to confirm that test it is amazing and it does help with the redness around the skin and tightens your skin and all the good stuff it says it does. I do find that the night repair isn't enough for me on its own and I do have to use a face cream on top.

Garner Simply Essentials Makeup Remover- I found my favourite makeup remover. Not just for this month but so far. I like how it hasn't got perfume or alcohol which reduces the ingredient list considerably and hence is a tiny bit gentler and kinder to your skin in that way. This is quite oily when you pop it on a cotton pad and then your face, but give it 5 minutes and brush your teeth or something (whether its day or night) and your skin will soak it up and you can carry on with your normal skincare routine. But this really does take the makeup off perfectly and I love love love how you don't have to keep rubbing your eyes to get it off! It's super gentle no stinging in any part of the face including the eyes which his perfect as that's what I struggled with with the micellar waters! Definitely recommend this baby! 

Body care and Accessories

L'oreal Hair Expertise Replenishing Shampoo for Dry Hair- I really enjoyed using this shampoo because I felt like my other shampoo was drying out my scalp for some reason. I bough this because it's for dry hair so I thought I'll see what it does for my scalp. It worked and soothed my scalp, although after using this shampoo you need to shower pretty much every other day instead of every two days like I normally do. But then again, this is for super dry hair which is something I don not suffer from, so I can't say that it's bad in that way because there are more oils and things for dry hair than in a normal shampoo. The only thing I would suggest is not to use this as your sole shampoo and I'd use a normal shampoo or cleansing one along side this. 

The Body Shop Shea Dry Oil- I may have spoken about this previously, but I'm not sure. I got back into using this on my legs since I started fake tanning as my legs were going super patchy due to dry bits. This is amazing and speaks in quicker than one of my body butters due to being a dry oil. But it has all the properties a normal oil would. i really love this and I also love the scent. It's nutty and incredible. Though they have such a huge selection ranging from almost no scent to fruity to nutty. Something for everyone! 

Dove Shower Moisture Cream- Omg, this is almost finished and I can't purchase another doddle because I'm leaving uni soon so I have to use up the other shower gels I have! This literally smells incredible and shea/ nutty smells are my all time favourite! It foams up so much so you really only need a tiny bit of it for your whole body. I wouldn't even say this is really expensive ether, but super moisturising! I use this as a shower gel and it really is amazing!! 

Victoria Secret Secret Escape Mist- I think I found my summer scent. I'm head over heels over this and I really recommend you guys try and smell it BUT CAUTION because you may just end up falling for the 5 for whatever deal....

ShayxQuay Vespers Sunnies- Omg I'm so inlpve with these sunnies. I get a little bit worried wearing these out because they are so big and the white really does stand out, plus the reflective sense really makes them pop and draws a lot of attention. I kind of learnt o overcome them because I do love them and who cares what anyone thinks right?! They are literally always sold out everywhere and I got these on ASOS, mine had a scratch so I was going to return them but maaaayyyn they're always sold out!

I've been also loving gold jewellery and I was so sceptical about chokers but I think this one is cute and I'm starting to dig this trend. Mine was on sale from Newlook, but they're everywhere at the moment! I've been also wearing hoop earring with literally and practically anything!!! (Mine are from primark). It looks so cute but adds a little bit of edge. Chocker tends to give off that vibe no matter how delicate it looks and I approve!

Food and Drink

Whitworths Honey Apricots- I swear to you, these are to die for! If you haven't tried these yet you need to! I didn't realise they were honey too so when I have tried them, it was like something incredible happened in my mouth. I've been snacking on these for ages now and been sooo eager to share this with you, but didn't know how and I guess this is the perfect post to do so! GO. TRY. ORDER whatever you need to get your hands on these. You can thank me later!

Taylors Peppermint Leaf Tea- This is another thing I was super eager to share with you firstly because it's so freaking delicious and if you brew it for the right amount (4mins recommended) it tastes to pepperminty (duh) but to the point where when you finish it almost feels like you've brushed your teeth! I'ms such a tea enthusiast and I tried so many peppermint teas and this along with one other Lipton tea that I only been able to get hold of in Lithuania or Lithuanian shops hence why I didn't tell you about.. Wait, what was i saying? Anyway point is this is one of my favourites by far!
Oh yes, and the second reason to why it's so good it's because its 100% perppermint leaf and it doesn't have any other ingredients and it's naturally caffein free! Isn't that just a win win?!


I've been listening to Andy Jordan NON-FREAKING STOP such chilled music that gives off summery vibes, I really really love it and I can't wait to see his gig live! He is from the show Made in Chelsea (which is absolutely amazing as it is in my opinion) BUT if you're not into it then please don't judge before you listen to him. I already got two friends into him and it has been only a recent favourite so give the a guy a chance! It also doesn't hurt that he is super duper cute too haha!!!

And that concludes my favourites. I'd really love if you shared at least one thing you've loved this past mont?! The time is going by so quickly, I'll be moving out soon from uni yet it seems like it was only yesterday I was packing to come here! Cherish every moment you're living because before you know it will be gone. Be happy and enjoy life!

Lots of Love

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