2015 Goals Blogging Edition!

In my previous post you have seen my life style goals (here), I now want to introduce you to blogging goals. I always tell myself that I will do this and I will blog then and then, or I will blog 3 times a week and it never happens. I therefore want to make hardcore coals, engraved in my blog as evidence in order to achieve them. Don't get me wrong, I don't even have 1,000, hell, not even 500 followers so you may be like hey why are you giving us these tips. Well, basically these will be more of how I aim to achieve my blogging goals and who knows where I'll be after sticking to them?!

I also want to mention the fact that my 1st of January will more or less start on the 9th/10th and that's when I aim to kick start my resolutions as I will have more resources aka new camera and calendars etc and all my stuff back, because I will be back at uni

1. Spell Check
I never spell check my posts, bad I know and then I read them and I think that my 5 year old sister written my post. It's just silly little typos that this google blogger doesn't catch! Please don't view my other posts just to laugh, thanks! 

2. Stick to a Schedule
I know it's not always possible to stick to the same days and I will try my hardest to stick to a schedule. But I'm aiming to blog at least twice a week and for now youtube once a week. This schedule will be in place until after my exams and then hopefully I can make videos twice a week too! 

3. Be more creative with photography and video
I want to get photos that are edited the same throughout, that are more creative in my set up.

4. Change it up
I really want to take time arranging, working on my blog so that I'm really happy with it. Perhaps buy a layout when I find the one I'm really happy with! Do you know of any bloggers who do nice layouts?!

5. Socialise
I really want to connect, talk and possibly even meet people from this world of blogging. I read so many blogs and I want to leave a nice comment but I never end up doing it because 'It will take too long'. But actually, it's really nice receiving a comment so the little tiny wait outweighs someone smiling over the comment you left! 

6. Be less picky!
It's such a problem. I tend to blog less because I'm not happy with the outcome of the blog post. More importantly videos. There is only so many times you can film the same video before you can see on camera that what you're saying is no longer interesting. Like after filming 3-4 times you don't sound genuine and the struggle transfers so yeah, I don't post them. BUT I need to be less judgmental towards myself and just get the videos out! 

That concludes my Blogging goals! Did you make any this year?!


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