In the City that we love.

Do you guys remember this song? I randomly typed it in and didn't realise they were lyrics to Bastille's Pompeii. Ahhh, that brings so many sunny memories and not so sunny memories (aka when Bastille Cancelled playing at Boardmasters festival because of how terrible the weather was). Summer memories, nonetheless make me lust for the sunny rays, relaxed fashion, the beach and messy hair. However since we are still in the transitioning period from cold to warm(ish) here in the UK, I bring you the outfit I wore while wondering around the busy streets of London, when I visited my best friend (Blog here). It's actually my favourite outfit, and I just can't stop wearing it.  

Necklace- Primark| Rings- Pandora| Jumper- H&M| Scarf- Forever21| Jeans- Top Shop| Boots- Gap. Coat- Wharehouse| Bag- Rebecca Minkoff (Mini Mac).

Excuse the quality as I saved them from Facebook, and I could get them sent to me via e-mail but I was eager to get this out to you! I hope you enjoy it and can get some inspiration. 
Have a wonderful Tuesday!