2015 Goals and How to Achieve them! Lifestyle Goals.

Okay, so my 2014 wasn't that exciting apart from some events that occurred. So, making resolutions and goals for 2015 is really important o me. I also never felt like I'm feeling now at the start of a new year. This year I really feel like I want to make an effort to change my lifestyle. I'm living by myself and I'm building a life for myself, so yeah, I really feel like this is the year that I will really make an effort to stick to these goals. So lets jump in! 

I'm splitting this into two categories. Lifestyle and Blogging Goals. 

  • Make the goals realistic and achievable
  • Write them out somewhere, where you can see them daily
  • Read them to friends and family that would question you about them and remind you of them.
  • Ask yourself why you want to achieve the goal and how your life will be different if you achieve them. Knowing why you're doing it is incredibly important to establish when making a goal. Instead of saying this is what you will do and that's how you'll do it. Make sure you add the WHY you're doing it! 

1. Be less lazy. 
How to achieve this?! This entails a lot of matters but, to achieve this we need to unwrap this a little and basically we need to ask ourselves, what is it that is making us lazy? For me it's going to bed really late and waking up really late, which wastes my day and then I just spend it lounging around. I want to change that. I want to aim to go to bed at 11pm and get up at 7am. This will give me an extra 2-3 hours to my day where I have time to achieve other goals! 

2. Get my uni work done. 
How to achieve this?! This links to the first goal. When I have something set, it's important that I get it done, instead of leaving it and staying up late doing it. I think finding a good study space is important. It can be a library, your room, a common room anywhere you can sit for a couple of hours without being distracted getting it done. I haven't found a place like that yet, so I really need to in order to achieve this goal. It's easier said then done, but don't leave work to the last minute. we need to discipline ourselves to get work done in order to get it done to the best of our ability instead of to the best of our ability with time pressures.

3. Read more. 
How to achieve this?! I got a kindle this Christmas because I wanted to read more. I was inspired to ask for this gift by my best friend (blog here). It's easy to always keep in your bag and never forget a book at home. It's also important to know your limits and abilities. If you know you can read a book in a couple of days, then say you're gonna read a book every week. Don't force it, I genuinely want to read so I will enjoy it. If you force it you won't! 

4. Improve my health and lifestyle- GYM
How to achieve this?! This links in to the first goal. If I wake up at 7am I can go to the gym for an hour, get home eat healthy breakfast and be ready in time for 9am lecture if I have one. Going to the gym for the first couple of weeks can prove to be tricky. My advice is to get a gym buddy who could kick your ass out of the bed. If you don't have a buddy, then I would visit Instagram pages and get motivated. If that still doesn't help, well you need to work on your will power and re think whether gym is really for you! BUT just because gym isn't something that you may like, try fitness classes like zumba. Zumba is so fun and you don't even feel like you're exercising, but boooy oh boy trust me you are! 
4.2 Improve my health and lifestyle- Water and Food. 
How to achieve this?! I don't cook proper food because I limit to what I buy (being on student budget and all that.) I also don't want to ask mum for extra money. I've realised that I'm a student and it's ok to ask for an extra dollar a week from your parents. I'm going to visit local markets weekly and get my fruit and veg in order to cook nice, healthy food and also plan ahead with my meals. I really enjoy drinking and making smoothies, so try that for and extra kick!
I want to also drink 2l of water a day. And to achieve this make sure you don't drown your body like that straight away! If you're not used to drinking a lot of water, take it slow and increase your amount day by day or even a couple of days.

5. Do more Art.
How to achieve this?!  I used to enjoy art so much, before it slipped away and got overtaken by other activities that seemed more important at the time. My goal is to paint something every week, but also to sketches in between. If all my other goals fall into place, like healthy eating, early nights this now should work too. I often feel tired throughout the day from doing nothing and I think it's due to my lifestyle so if I no longer feel tired I can be more productive. it's perhaps good to schedule a couple of hours a day to do art, but then again, you can't schedule inspiration! So this is a tricky one to almost 'teach' on how to achieve it! 

6. Find Relevant Work Experience. 
How to achieve this?! I currently study a Marketing Degree and I really need to find good work experience that would set me off to finding a good placement in my third year. It's important to seek help from your tutors and job places at your university. I would also visit websites that provide help. In your first couple of days of university you would have received 100 of leaflets and websites. Now is the time to look at them. Then you will need to make good applications and again, seek help where help is provided! Practice doing interviews, watch videos on how to carry yourself!

7. Find a job.
How to achieve this?! Well, again need to make a smashing CV and a smashing cover letter. Then you go into every single possible place, whether you think it will work or not and hand it out, moreover you also do so over the internet too to maximise your chances! It can be daunting but it has to be done! I'm currently working on my CV and it's really hard work. Make sure you take it to your tutor to check over! 

The key to all these goals is to not tell yourself you're going to do this and you're going to do that today. You need to take a goal and achieve it through a few steps because that's how you stick to something. You don't want to condition your body negatively to the gym by going there every day and hating it, you slowly adapt your body by going twice a week, then three times a week and so on. Remember, a goal is a process so take it as slow as you want and it's better to take it slow and get there than push yourself to the point of giving up.

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