The beginning of Summer.

Hello there! Hope everyone is doing fabulous! I woke up and felt super happy and satisfied with my life and I just couldn't stay in and revise for the morning. The sun was shining and my mood was so good and I knew I had quite a few things going on later on. Anyway I grabbed my friend and thought I'll make him take some photo's of me for my blog. This blogpost is mainly to share my love
for this top that you're about to see. It's very simple but very soft and the whole shoulder thing? Yeah, I'm totally into it! I really love the way it makes your outfit seem very simple, but at the same time adds a little bit of something, something so that it's not just a top or a tee you're wearing. I paired it up with gold plated jewellery and gold accents on the bag so that it all stands out more than silver would while complimenting each other.

Photo Credit: Jamie Owden
Sunnies: Asos/ Top: NewLook/ Necklace: Primark/ Jeans: Top Shop/ Shoes: Primark/

I hope you guys liked this short post. I love you all lots.



  1. Your shades are so amazing! You look gorgeous!! x

    1. Thank you!! They're the quay one's, very like BAM and noticeable but I'm very involve anyway haha!! Thank you!! <3