Prestige Flowers: a luxury bouquet for your loved one.

Hello everyone! I'm back with another post and this one is all about flowers! So I was very kindly sent the most beautiful bunch of flowers from Prestige Flowers in a massive box, which you may or may not have seen on my instagram story, and if you don't follow me here it is, oh (and you get free choc... Umm, Hell Yeah!)

The flowers came in a gorgeous monochrome box, with plenty of breathing room for the bouquet.

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for fresh flower, and yes, I'm the girl who will unashamedly buy herself flowers on Valentine's Day and make sure the whole world knows you didn't... Sorry but I'm Russian... We love our flowers. Oh and if you're wondering if the above happened, it did.

So a little bit of background to why I was really excited and interested in receiving these, was because I live far away from my family and it's kind of traditional to receive flowers for your birthday, mothers day or women's day. If you're Russian, Lithuanian or somewhere from the Easter Europe, you will be ever so familiar with this.

For two years I've been hunting for a flower delivery service that I would be happy with, I tried places back at home, which is so annoying to organise, I tried other online outlets and the flowers ether come dead or not what they looked like on the pictures. So I haven't found one I would be loyal to and want to order at least twice from.

As this opportunity (non-sponsored, but gifted) came around I was like, yes, yes and yes. 

These gorgeous flowers were very much rouge and romantic, from their luxury range and not quite for a solo rider like me, but you get the picture... More of something you receive from a loved one on a special occasion and with Valentines day around the corner, boys you better start placing orders!

And who says Valentines are only for love birds? I would happily send a bouquet to the lovely women in my life!'-day-flowers  Here is a link to their VDay flowers and you also get the chocolates for free!

They arrived early in the morning the day after they were sent out, so delivery was super fast. Also, can we take a minute for the cute note I've received and the delicious chocolates?

Overall, I'm very delighted with the flowers and the service and I will 100% be ordering from Prestige Flowers again... Nanas whopping 60th birthday is just around the corner, and I can now be confident that she will be receiving a bunch of crisp and young bouquet!

A few vouchers, a cute note and chocolates with a care guide are all very lovely add ons, that make the service just that much more enjoyable.

Are you expecting flowers from your boo or are you also riding solo this year?!

Lots of Love


  1. These flowers are beautiful. Just wish I had someone to buy me then!

    1. Hahaha, I second that! It's ok Harriet, we can buy each other some flowers. Although last year I did buy myself flowers and I had a boyfriend 😂😂

  2. These flowers are absolutely beautiful! Totally agree with finding it hard to find flowers online, I bought some for my Mum for Mother's Day last year and they arrived and they looked horrible! But these look beautiful. I'll definitely keep them in mind this Mother's Day!

    Sophie xx |

  3. honestly, your photography game is strong rn Angelika!!

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