Gin Explorer and a cheeky giveaway!

Back in December I found an e-mail in my inbox, which lured me to open it pretty quickly, because who wouldn't when it's to do with gin?! Now if you know me, you will  know that I'm very big on gin and I almost always order it at the bar, so you could imagine how excited I was when they asked me to review their December box!

I eagerly awaited for its arrival and when it was here, it didn't disappoint! 

So to give you a little bit of background, Gin Explorer is a monthly subscription box service, where you get samples of 4 bottles of 50ml gin from all over the world, accompanied by a snack and some tonic. 

There is something super exciting about receiving something in the post, especially if it come in a big box... The box itself arrived to me in a very simple but fun suitcase like packaging (Explorer... Travel... Suitcase... Ohh I get it now...).

When you opened it a plethora of woodwool greets you, and although everyone seems to associate it with mess, it doesn't go everywhere as it compactly lays as a base, and it's a welcome addition to the tissue paper packaging.

Perhaps describing the taste of each tester is quite pointless as it's different every months, and I'm not an expert so excuse my attempt to describe the taste to you, but I will do so briefly anyway.

All of the minis tasted absolutely divine (I got a second opinion from another gin fan, going by the name 'mum' to back me up on that). They are definitely not your ordinary gin, or at least unlike what I've tried before, they're super smooth. Another thing that caught our eye is that they're all organic and i believe vegan too, which was right up mothers street.

We started with the Cucumber Gin, and oh my gosh... Upon opening the bottle the scent of fresh cut cucumbers quite literally filled the room. My mum said it reminded her of those fresh grown cucumbers you would find in your grandmother allotment! With a hint of sweetness, it smelt so delightfully fresh and definitely made us lust for the summer!

We then moved onto the 'fruity one', 5th Fire Gin. Although it contained different fruits, strawberry stood out to us the most. It was so nice when mixed with the tonic and it tasted like a ready made cocktail! It was so bright and smooth, I'm stuck between this one and the one above as to which I could name my favourite!

Moving on we tried the Jensen’s Old Tom and this was one of the serious stuff. Like Old Tom means business here. It has deep flavour and some sort of seriousness about it. It would definitely add some depth and complexity to any drink.

Last but not lest Black Tomato Gin. This one was the most intriguing and has a really nice history. The makers aim to do as much as possible in house, even malting their own grains before distillation! This one is also vegan and organic and just as Old Tom, it had a sense of seriousness to it. Black tomato definitely gave us an umph, with a powerful taste and a hint of dryness. We were pleasantly surprised by the earthy blend of spices we could taste. 

The box also included two funky tonics and one mix of non alcoholic gin and tonic! Overall they tasted so nice, my familiarity with tonics is that they're quite bitter, but not these. These were lovely and tasty.

I would definitely recommend this box to anyone who want to expand their gin curiosity and explore different types of gins! I think it's super fab and fun element of surprise when you do get a box in the mail. 

(... Yes Eli, I'm talking about you) 

The Gin Resolution.....

Explore more. I never quite realised how many gins there actually are.. Living in a city i'm surrounded by bars and gin bars and all sorts! I definitely want to take myself on a trip around the city and explore the world of gin! And as you may know... Exploring bars was one of my ways to make 2017 better (here) 

Thank you so much to The Gin Explorer for sending this fabulous box for me and if you want to find out more, head over to ! I will be definitely acquiring some of those in a full size bottle, but if you want to get your hands on next months box you better head over to my twitter  at 5PM for a cheeky giveaway!  

* MUST BE 18 AND OVER!!! (I will be asking proof of ID before sending)
* The giveaway will end in two weeks 12pm on the 5th of February! 

lots of love,


  1. This looks like such a perfect thing for you! So surprised at how much you get, this is great!

    1. Hahaha literally gin obsessed over here!! It's so lush! <3 xoxoo

  2. Oh my! This looks amazing! The perfect gift for you!

    Sophie xx |

    1. Thanks Soph, it so is, I didn't know I could love it more than I already do! The flavours inside were sooooo goood! <3 xoxox

  3. This seriously looks amazing! great post m'lovely x


    1. Thanks Sami! It's the nicest thing and the packaging it come in as well!! xoxoxox

  4. This box sounds so dreamy! It would be the perfect way to start a nice collection, although I think I'd be too tempted to try them all haha. Definitely entering your giveaway! xxx

    1. Hahahha, yeah it didn't last too long in my household... Me and mum were only gonna try a couple and leave a couple for the next day. Safe to say it didn't work! hahaa Thank you lovely! xoxox

  5. this box is awesoe, im such a gin lover and i think this is amazing!


    1. Thank you lovely! I'm right there with you, Gin 4 Lyf! xoxoxo

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