17 ways to make 2017 better

Hello lovelies and H-A-P-P-Y 2017!! I mean we're 11 days in, so the novelty of the new year is wearing off, but alas, I still want to bring you a few things that I want to do in 2017 to improve 2016.

Recently I've just been so happy and I can already see this year being better or more specifically more successful than 2016. Also, can we just saviour this moment because this time next year I will be STRESSING the hell out about grad schemes. Ok, moment over because I don't even want to think about it.

Right, now I want you to decide that 2017 will be your best year yet. Go on... Say it. 2017 WILL be my best year yet. Well done, and with that let's jump in!

Look after yourself
And no, I don't want to go on a diet. Donuts and chocolate; I would never cut you out of my life.
I do however want to eat better and not carry them black bags under my eyes. It would be super helpful if I didn't start watching Sherlock from scratch, because how am I supposed to get an early night now? I'm a self diagnosed binge watcher.

What people think, it's none of your business
Whatever they may say, whatever they may do, unless it's criticism that you can use to improve, let it go. Who even cares what they think. If anything, thank them for showing it sooner rather than later.

Surround yourself with people who blossom
2017 really needs to be about positivity and not feeling mediocre. Surround yourself with people who you can bounce off of, who motivate you and make you feel happy.

Explore yourself
Often after something happens our lives, or even more so if it doesn't, we tend to feel lost and we aren't always quite sure where we belong or what we're doing. Losing the sense of passion and motivation is crap and it's really important to get that drive back. Nothing gets you through life as much as drive and passion. So really explore yourself, find that drive and do something this year, something that this time next year you'd be proud to reflect on.

Explore surroundings
Far too often I would settle for a bed day. Now, this girl adores her white comfy duvet and bed, and there's nothing better than a Sunday chill; the whole world knows that. However I equally enjoy finding cute nooks and crannies of the city. This year I shall explore more and I have already aligned a trip to embark on a city centre wide pub crawl. (because priorities, right?)

Explore style
I already feel so much funkier inside and I just need to show that on the outside. I used to be so colourful and then I got sucked into the wonderful world of black. It's true what they say you know... Once you go black, you never go back. But honestly, I just feel so funky, and I want to wear pink glitter space buns everyday. (....she says as she's fully clothed in black from head to toe 😂)

Evaluate yourself
Next year I really need to to evaluate myself on a more regular basis. You know, just to reflect and make sure I'm still happy what I'm doing and that I'm on track with my goals.

Evaluating yourself is important so you can keep your head in the game, as they say. Be focus and just remind yourself what it is you're working towards and why. Why's are so freaking important.

Appreciate things
Far too often we think about things that we don't have rather than the things we do have. A roof, food, a job, people, help... Like stop being so selfish and bloody appreciate things that are around you.

Push yourself
Get out of your comfort zone. Even if it means doing something by yourself because you depend on people too much. Putting something out there because you're afraid of people seeing something. Do the opposite of your fears and just push yourself a little. Start something new, it doesn't have to be skydiving for it to count.

Stop giving yourself a hard time
When it comes to life, just chill the f*ck out. Sometimes we need to to work it out or heal or process. Let time do its thing. Life if full of decisions and one decision can drastically change everything. It may not always be for the better, but it also can turn into great things. Just try and do the best you can and push yourself so you're proud. The rest will work out.

Keep a tidy space
Now I just haven't felt settled yet, and for that reason I struggle to keep the space tidy and organised. But I will do my best to keep the sh*thole my room can turn into at bay... More so than what I did last year. It's a process ok.... Read the point above and chill out.

Learn a new skill
Now learning piano all over again was a little ambitious last year, and I think I'll leave that one for another year, purely because I cannot commit. But learning a new skill that you can throw into a conversation when people ask you to tell them something interesting about yourself. Then you can replace the 'eeeeeeeeerrrrrrr' with 'Oh actually, I'm a self taught juggler and it really calms me you know, some people mediate, I juggle, you?'

Laugh more
You don't own all the problems in the world. It's pretty self explanatory really. Cut needy, greedy, energy sucking people from your life and vuala. Stop holding onto something that once made you happy, hoping it will again. Just move the hell on, from a thing, from a space, from a person, from whatever. I know we are creatures of habit, but if it wasn't good in 2016, it won't be better in 2017.

That dress you don't fit into anymore, those shoes that hurt your toes, those trousers that just don't sit right on your hips. Sell it or ditch it. Honestly.

This one is a personal toughie as I'm a self confessed hoarder of clothes and makeup. Stage 1 is recognition, right?

In everything you do, just improve and put more effort into things than I did before. Blog photography, videography, writing, reading... Bloody educate myself.

Be kinder
No one can sit there and say that they're 100% kind. We f*ck up sometimes. But we can always try and be that little bit kinder to ourselves and others, don't compare yourself to anybody and don't judge anyone, you don't know what journey they're on. Just be nice ok.

Make goals and achieve them
Like just go and get it gurl (or boy).

Remember, you're not Serena Van Der Woodnsen, you can't be the Queen of Upper East side, party all day erryday, jump from one lad to another and still have time to get into Brown....  (Also sorry for Queen B fans, but I'm deffo a Serinator) because duuuh she's fictional. BUT you are the Queen of you so go rock 2017.

Just set goals and challenge yourself but make sure you also put the effort into achieving them and 'tomorrow' isn't good enough.

I hope you enjoyed this one and until next time!


  1. I love the honesty of this post chick, go & smash 2017!! F xx

  2. omg the last part! ahaha I seriously loved reading this post! You word things so well girl! I will definitely come back to this because I forget about these things and I need to keep them in mind! love u x

    1. Hahaha got to love GG xoxo

      Thank you girl, lots of love <3

  3. Hello fellow binge watcher ;) You're not alone. I wanted to start getting into bed earlier but just started watching Downton Abbey from scratch. I love all the points you listed. I might take some on board too.
    Lea, xx

    1. Hhahaha oh hello there, pleasure to acquaint! Please don't, I've been trying to restrain myself from starting Downton Abbey :(
      Thank you for commenting! xoxo

  4. I love that you added "explore yourself" on here! I think that is SO important but not something people really think to do! xx

    Rachel | www.imperfectlyrachel.com

    1. I think it's one of the most important things, to just step back and get to know yourself! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  5. Girl saaaame! I'm a Serinator too! I love allll of these. I'm so determined to make 2017 better! I will make sure I add this to my reading list so whenever I'm feeling defeated I'll read this! Thanks girl, fab post <3

    Your Asian Princess xx | www.snippetofsophie.com

    1. I'm sooooo on it with 2017, it will be our year! Definitely need a kick up our butts though sometimes! Love youu!!

      p.s. I'm loving how this has stuck yay xxoxoxox

  6. So much love for this post! I totally know what you mean about exploring with style more. I'm the same as you only neutrals instead of black, but when I lived in Bristol I used to be a walking clash of patterns ahahaha. I think you could totally rock pink glitter space buns! <3 xxx

    1. Hhahaha I'm thinking of rocking them today hahaha! See what happens lol! Also go for the clash of pattern, why the hell not! Love you girl <3

  7. Such a positive and honest post - cheers darl and hope 2017 is great to you - sounds like it will be x

    Christie x

  8. Such an inspiring post! I love reading your blogs. - you've got me pumped for 2017!