5 myths about short hair

Hi hi hi! It's important you don't take this post too much to heart, because we all experience different things with any hair we have. I just thought this would be quite lighthearted and fun to write. So here go my 5 myths about short hair!

1. Short hair is more manageable- Like hell it is!!!!! When I had long hair, I could jump out the shower and more or less know it will be sort of a tangled mess, but sometimes it will look like a salty mess instead, which I could get away with when living by the sea. Now?! Now I always have to do something whether it's curl (sometimes curling wasn't an option when I had layers as it was a big poof) or straighten, or at least a blow dry would suffice, and that only worked sometimes. No time? Hairband job it is then. Unless it's summer and you can kind of hide the nest with a bit of salt spray and sunnies on your head!

2. You never get knotted hair- Errr, says who?! Last time i checked knots just appear. I don't particularly suffer too much, but when was the last time you got a knot at the end of your hair?! Yeah me too, never. When I do get the occasional knot, it's usually a massive beehived size knot, then it spurs from just bellow the root. So don't give me none of that ok.

3. Good hair day everyday- FAAAAAALSE. Whoever said the bedhead look looks better on short hair, definitely never had short hair. Unless you revert to point number 1. and do something with it, then go to sleep, then wake up the next day, don't expect for your hair to just be good when you wake up. That is unless you're blessed with gorgeous locks in the first place. And if you're hair is too short to even tie it up on a bad hair day.... Then maaaaaan, I feel you. 

4. You can't have short hair with a round face- No, not really. As long as you pick a style that suits your face shape you're all good to rock the short locks if you choose to! My face is quite round/ I have a massive mans jaw and I got away with it. (Or I think I did?).

5. It grows quicker- In my books, this is a myth. My hair used to grow the same amount, whether it was freshly cut or uncut. Perhaps when it's short you can notice it more, but the numerous amounts that my friends and I did, that's the one thing we didn't notice extreme change in.

At the end of the day though, short or long hair, it's all your decision and you can rock any hair you want. And hell, buy extensions if you end up hating it. But you'll never know until you try!

So a little bit about my hair history- I hated it once it was first cut, then it grew to the length I liked and it was ok after. The first picture is of my current hair about 2-3 weeks back. So here's a little idea of my hair before it was cut. Moral of the story though, if the only thing that's stopping you is fear, then don't be scared. Hair grows, do it now and find the length you love or just grow it out all together. Change can be good!

 My hair used to be super super long, and this was it curled, which takes a little bit of the length away. So you can imagine it was REALLY long.

Freshly cut hair, absolutely did not like,

 You might recognise these pictures from my previous post, but my hair grew a little and was a little bit more manageable. Aww the baby face though (or is that just me?).

This was a round last August and I pretty much maintained this length of hair, it's just longer now and I really like it.

EEEEK, why so serious?! But I have no regrets about my hair, despite the negatives. As you can see it was a biiiiiiiiig step for me, but I've never looked back and guess what?! For the 10th time, hair grows, extensions exist. Go on, take the plunge and step into the dark side. Ok not really, but if it will make you happy you should absolutely go for it.

Lots of Love
Angelika xoxo

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